LG enV2 is coming tomorrow

LG enV2 is coming tomorrow
Last week, the LG enV2 was unofficially released through Verizon’s customer service and some lucky people were able to get their hands on it. One of our readers managed to be between the first owners of the device and he was generous enough to share his homemade pictures with us.

He also mentioned an April 30th release, which proved right, when Verizon Wireless officially announced the phone would be available for purchase tomorrow. For $130 after a $50 rebate and a new two-year contract, you’ll be able to buy it in communication stores and at the online site of the carrier.

Expect our review of the LG enV2 soon!

Thanks for the images Todd!

LG enV2 Specifications



1. Nino unregistered

On Sunday pretty much all the Vzw stores in the area had them in but none would sell them. So it's good news like posted it will be available to purchase on the 30th and not just online.

2. ebony99

Posts: 1; Member since: Apr 28, 2008

I am glad that it is going to be avaliable in the stores and not just on line too! I honestly dont like the way the phone looks but I need to see it upfront I know their is a possiblity that I may chnge my mind!

3. jnm422 unregistered

I called VZW last night and asked, the guy told me it wasn't available yet. When I told him I read online some people were able to get it, he looked again and was genuinely shocked. Needless to say, it's on the way to my house as I type this. Can't wait!


Posts: 6; Member since: Mar 26, 2008

lol.. so funny that it has finally been annouced. "Last week" release more like April 16th. There has been alot of good reviews about this phone. looks alot nicer in person though.

5. King unregistered

it was available on line as of 4/22..its available tomorrow...and It looks GREAT up close

6. Todd unregistered

Yeah, you better thank me or I'll never help you again.

7. Cameron Fewox unregistered

i was one of the so called LUCKY ones to get it and i have it for a week now i love it to death.it is just a pretty machine and as a verizon rep myself i'm happy other people will get to enjoy the experience

8. Sammo unregistered

This looks like a great phone. All I ask is that it would do 2 things that the Voyager unsuccessfully did: Have good speakerphone and ringtone volume. Apparently LG hasn't learned it's lesson as of yet by making their speakers built outside and not inside. Until they do that, I seriously doubt these phones will be loud. I'm not expecting them to be as loud as Nextel phones but good enough for the average ear to hear.

9. Cameron Fewox unregistered

the speakerphone is works great its clear and crisp. the ringtone volume is superb as well.

10. vzwemp unregistered

as one of those that were initially turned off by its ugly face, after playing with it all day, i can safely say its gonna be a great phone. It is thin like 8700 thin, light as heck, the smaller keyboard still works great for fat fingers, and it has advanced texting options not found on regular phones. That and it holds 8gig of SD goodness and more supported file formats than the EnV. I still think the front is ugly, but the rest of the phone sure makes up for it. Go play with it for yourself, you may convince yourself to get a new phone... if you arent waiting for voyager/glyde/ or 9700 touchscreen fun

11. xsuperxswimmer unregistered

this is an awesome phone, i just got yesterday and it great. i would definately recommend this phone

12. rwc480 unregistered

It is much cheaper to buy this phone on-line. Verizon stores charge a $20 service fee(what is that rip off about?) and you pay $10 more for accessory packages. In addition, your rebate online is deducted immediately instead of initally paying more and mailing in a rebate and with 3 months to get it back.

13. sally unregistered

Should i get 1???? is it worth the price???

14. Johnnycakes unregistered

I got the new enV2 about a week ago, and overall I love it. I have had some issue with the browser not finding webpages, but overall it works pretty well when I need to check something online quickly. It is smaller than the enV, which is good and bad. I love the lightweight, but the longer enV gave your palms a little more to grip onto when you are typing than the enV2. My biggest complaint is that some of the ringtones that are sold by Verizon can barely be heard when the phone rings...even with the volume all the way up. I spent a better part of a week missing calls because one of the ringtones cannot be heard unless the flip is open. Overall, I am pleased with the phone and just wish they would start getting out the better cases and accessories for this model. Does anyone know if the enV2 will be 3G network compatible? I have not been able to determine that for sure.

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