LG announced a new slim slider

LG announced a new slim slider
The Korean company will present a new slim phone at the Mobile World Congress 2008, which starts next week in Barcelona, Spain.
The LG KF510 is a 0.4" thin (10.9 mm) slider phone combining stylish design and firm look with its metal frame and tempered glass. As the Chocolate and Shine series, it will be available in more than one color variants: Stardust Dark Gray or Sunset Red.

The phone has a large display and touch-sensitive buttons, 3-megapixel camera and an MP3 player. It will be available worldwide and is scheduled to hit the market in March this year. Expect more information soon.

source: LG



1. VZW unregistered

I know where i've seen this phone before!!! With Verizon they just came out with this phone! The VENUS!!! How am i supposed to get excited about a phone that is the exact same as another just with a new name! BOOO

2. mb unregistered

Its actually a bit different. 3MP camera, thinner, metal frame.

3. andrew unregistered

This could be just what I've been looking for, if it's pretty smart, smallish, the camera looks decent, and comes subsidized to T-mo. I may have to consider buying it if it meets all but the last criteria...

4. unregistered

um, i think not, this phone is a slider, that doesn't mean it is the same as the Venus do you see a Touch screen? no. are there even two screens? no... this phone is more like a thinned version of the original chocolate than anything else

5. unregistered

it rocks..........

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