LG and Microsoft form new partnership

LG and Microsoft form new partnership
Many consumers might be scratching their heads, trying to think of the last phone LG produced with the Windows Mobile platform. Recently, LG and Microsoft have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for a “strategic collaboration in mobile technology”. This will supplement Microsoft’s position in the arena of mobile operating systems in the wake of the recently released Google Android platform. The software giant will expand its market share in this area with the release of future LG devices running the Windows Mobile OS. So far, LG has been riding high with the boom of touch screen devices such as the Vu, Dare, Prada, Voyager, and Viewty without having a smartphone solution. Can Microsoft entice more prospective companies to employ the WM OS in their phones? Only time will tell….

source: Reuters



1. unregistered

gonna boost LG even more!

2. unregistered

This........ is gonna suck.... I think. Of all the phones I sell, LG is the 1st brand I would goto (other than BB) and Windows Mobile Devices are the LAST type of phones I would even think of.

15. unregistered

2nd that

3. unregistered

Let's give LG the benefit of the doubt and see what they will be able to come up with. I'm not a fan of WinMo either, but LG has been making some pretty cool devices so I am interested in seeing what they will do with a true PDA.

4. unregistered

possible zune phone?

7. unregistered

MS has said that they are going to make Zune software to run on WinMo devices, but not produce a Zune-phone. I guess we'll see.

5. unregistered

Ahh shhhh, son! LG is all up in this bitch wit the new hotness!

6. unregistered


12. unregistered

wagwan! lg gonna get all up in dem grillzzz and fry sum o dem baco bits n gnaw on dem heezies sik dawgy

8. unregistered

haha niceness and hotnesss i def love LG so far loving my Vista ultimate ....they need to just use microsd cards like an 8gb or 16gb as ram for phones and put them on faster proccessors...i think then WinMobile will have less problems

9. unregistered

well, vista is awful, the next wave of windows may be better, vista has crashed on me 3 times in a year so i'm not the biggest fan. the downside is i'm really comfortable with the windows interface so switching to apple would be a tough transition, as far as windows mobile, i had a moto q9m and it wasnt terrible, yet still had some glitches. i just hope LG's rep doesn't go out the window when their phones with windows mobile start crashing. LG has come so far.....this is a gamble if you ask me.....maybe a bad gamble.

10. The Zune Lune

Posts: 41; Member since: Apr 09, 2008

It's a dream come true - seriously. I loved the Windows mobile side of my Treo, but hated the call quality so I switched back to LG with the Dare. I have been hoping for an LG WM device!

11. unregistered

the only reason you guys hate on WinMo is cuase you don't know how to use it, ur probably one of those stupid consumers that are like "oh my god it froze for a second, im dumb, im gunna exchange it for a voyager cause i don't grasp the fact that its a POCKET PC!!!! windows is the ultimate operating system for a pda. u guys just suck

13. unregistered

You are very ignorant. Get over yourself and realize your not some Windows Mobile god who know everything about it, people are not as dumb as you think they are and you are definately as smart as you think you are. Thank you.

14. unregistered

I love LG phones I enjoy MSoft Windows PC's however Windows Mobile is A PILE OF #%$@%@ so if they put it on an LG i'm going to be upset. LG please have some sense keep doing what your doing!

16. andyweisberg

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