LG Voyager to land on Sprint, AT&T?

This article contains unofficial information.
LG Voyager to land on Sprint, AT&T?
A Korean IT news site has quoted an anonymous LG official as saying the LG Voyager, currently a Verizon exclusive, will make its way to both Sprint and AT&T by the end of the year.  Given the cozy relationship of LG and Verizon, this news comes as a bit of a shock, and we have never seen a Verizon LG make its way onto another U.S. carrier.

Keep in mind we are not sure if the English translation posted in the site is correct. As the Vu is also mentioned in the article, it is highly possible that the Koreans are actually saying that other LG phones with touch screens will be distributed with AT&T and Sprint. Obviously, this form factor turned into the golden chicken for LG, with more than million of both Voyager and Viewty phones sold.

LG Voyager Specifications | Review

source: ETNews via EngadgetMobile



1. HTC_POKE unregistered

sweet i loved playing with my frieneds voyager and i always wished att would getone then again its no tilt like i have now. but its smaller and more compact.

2. elgee02 unregistered

I work with LG employees quite often and all of them tell me that LG (in the US) doesn't release the same phones on multiple carriers unless it is a cheap ass basic one.

3. elgee02 unregistered

I just realized LG has the Rumor for sprint and alltel and the 8600 for VZW and alltel, but I think it was meant that LG doesn't put their high end phones with multiple carriers...

4. lildridri unregistered

I think we (sprint) should get the LG rumor since Verizon's always copying our phones, why not copy theirs. Although, the LG Voyager doesnt touch the Samsung Instinct we have coming out very soon, but it could still be a great phone to have in case our customers want something else.

5. unregistered

for starters, verizon has never copied a sprint phone....its always been the opposite, spirnt copying what verizon had first....and secondly, the reason why no one has sprint and why its in a deficet and is the most unpopular carrier is because they have ugly ass phones, and bad service....if your gonna go cdma then your gonna go verizon....its just how things work....verizon has started everything and sprint has merely tagged along....go to a high school and see how many people have sprint....zero....

6. unregistered

^ high school, you dont say? some facts....sprint has been around much longer than vzw (1995 vs 2000,) and sprint helped pioneer cdma and digital technology. sprint has over 53m subscribers, compared to vzws 65m. vzw has more, yes, but 53m is hardly no one and not too far behind vzw. and as for vzw never 'copying' sprint phones, you might want to check the current lineup for starters. every single phone that sprint and vzw both carry landed on sprint first, except the razr and krzr. sprints normally a good six to eight months ahead of vzw on smartphone releases, as evidenced by the 6900 launching this week for vzw and back in november for sprint.

7. T-Money3000 unregistered

Just like my mentor said, LEAD, FOLLOW OR GET THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY. ATT & Sprint are doing just that. We were the 1st with the unlimited plan. We got the Voyager. Go ahead and get the Voyager on the other carriers. Web's still way too slow with them. Stick with the best.

8. unregistered

I call bs on this, verizon already has a new voyager coming and they still have exclusivity on it, plus its their response to the iphone, so why would they want it on their rivals service? What they likely mean is that lg is putting touch screen phones on other carriers (ie the view, and prolly another prada clone for sprint).

9. unregistered

um verizon has been around since atleast 1992 in the form of Cellular One. and while i have vzw a lot of my friends and people i know are on sprint where i live, so verizon doesnt exactly own that market

10. bri unregistered

The reason that sprint phones come out sooner than Verizon's is because they don't test them at all! Sprint has had more programing updates and recalls than another other carrier becuase they push releases too soon. Verizon takes time to test and make sure the phones they release will live up to the expectaions that verizon has set. Plus Sprint has lost over 25 billion dollars last quarter alone! They are going down, their recent unlimited eveything plan is a last ditch effort to save themselves... and I guarentee it won't work.

11. allboutvzw

Posts: 10; Member since: Apr 10, 2008

Why would they need the LG Voyager, I would think that them getting the Samsung Instinct, would rule out the need for the Voyager

12. DeeMan unregistered

VZW has actually been around longer in the form of other company names ( 360, CellularONe, Alltel ) and yes, Sprint does have a ton of customers for now but with recent company problems, how long will it last? They have the biggest churn rate in the cell industry ( amongst the Big Four ). Even T-Mobile didn't lose as many customers as they did. Read: Over 700,000 customers lost in Q4 2007 alone. As for the phone they release "first", that would be an attribute to VZW's vigorous testing procedure. One case in point: Sprint's Mogul. I absolutely loved that phone but it had problems up the Wazoo. Firmare upgrade after firmware upgrade it needed. HTC had all the bugs worked out by the time the xv6800 was released by VZW ( that's why I have it now ). Now they are releasing the HTC xv6900 ( Touch ). Again, as long as the bugs are worked out I can live with the wait.

13. Anonymous unregistered

The last time I checked Verizon Wireless has 67 Million customers, while Sprint/Nextel combined has 56 Million Customers, and they are losing them fast. I am not saying Verizon is the King, but the last time I checked Sprint store inside a busy mall on a sunday afternoon, one sales rep! I know they are cutting expense, but the way they are doing will only frustrate more customer because they have to wait longer! Alright I have voyager, it's a cool phone, but trust me I don't think that phone is the best phone ever, so no need to accuse each other of copying. in the near future both Verizon and Sprint and even ATT will be releasing more cool phones, I am sure they will be better than voyager, now days a phone that's half year old is considered OLD!

14. Nino unregistered

The reason they lost that money is b/c they wrote of the nextel for good will. They didn't lose that much money based on customers leaving. do some research if you are going to post comments like that.

15. David The Gom unregistered

in original korean text, it said lg is gonna launch another "touch" phone, not "Voyager" itself...

16. d-flo unregistered

hye, i been with sprint for 4 years and theyre not that great,,i loved the phones they had, but the service wasnt that good, i cant recall how many dropped calls i had, and many places that wasnt covered under the network, my sprint phone would constantly roam, and the evdo was ok well long story short i left sprint for verizon and found out there 10 times better, even the customer service, the evdo and i only had one dropped cal, many wont agree with me i think sprint is still good but they have to improve a lot, to get up there with the big doggs (att, verizon)

17. Mike unregistered

I had verizon for 2 years and i hate them covrage sucks i had atleast 8 dropcalls a day . verizon is a very rich company and its bc they still your money in wrong ways i allways had problem with my bills and i always got charge for no reason and i had to call them evry month to get my money back i love Sprint and T-mobile .

18. avg joe unregistered

how exactly do you "still" someone's money? is that like the same thing as freezing your assets? as for tmobile and sprint compared to vzw: i worked for an indirect agent who sold sprint, t-mobile, and verizon wireless. based on personal experience, i can tell you vzw has the lower churn rate of the three. the only reason i even pitched t-mobile on people was if they had sh*tty credit (back in the days of smart access), no social security #, or travelled internationally extensively. and as for sprint, i only pitched them when all else failed since they had a max deposit of $150. any company that ends up terminating their customers' contracts due to too many calls into the customer care obviously has some serious issues.

19. joe unregistered

Sprint's REV-A is faster than Verizon, Sprint doesn't cap you at 5 gb per month on web like Verizon. Sprints air card doesn't require a voice plan. Sprint had the unlimited plan for over a year in 3 markets for $119.99 and Sprint started CDMA from scratch. Verizon was on TDMA when they were Bell Atlantic. Get your facts straight! Verizon thinks they have the best customer care but from first hand I know they don't. Everyone I've talked to at Verizon care was very arrogant and never helped me. The Voyager is a nice phone but it ranked 3rd in Feb 08 Money Mag page 116 & 117.

20. Dan unregistered

I see no point in releasing this phone on AT&T or Sprint unless it gets some major upgrades. Everything I read states the touch interface and browser are bad to say the least. That and with the 2nd gen. iPhone and the Instinct being released in the next 2 or 3 months. I guess Sprint could consider it an upgrade to the Rumor at best. At least it would not be locked down and you could load what ever version of Opera Mini is out at the end of the year.

21. SpSales unregistered

I love how this turned into a silly argument about whos better. Either way it doesn't matter all I know is in my mall sprint crushes the crap outta vzw every month.

22. unregistered

I dont know where you live buddy but verizon has the BEST coverage out of any carrier in the US. Its been tested and proven. nzw actually sued ATT for advertising "fewest dropped calls"...ever notice how you never see that slogan in their commercials anymore? yea thats because its not true and they were facing a fat lawsuit for false advertising. JD power and associated ranked Verizon number 1 for the past few years now.

23. unregistered

sprint crushes verizon? how? its cant be in revenue seeing as to how verizon is the most profitable carrier in teh US. its cant be in customer base seeing as to how sprint only has around 54m and verizon has 66m. ohhh i know how you guys crush us...its your churn rate! you guys lose more customers than any other carrier in the UNITED STATES!!! congrats you should be proud to work for such great company (and i use that term very loosely)

24. FerneyZan unregistered

Everyone here is fighting for nothing.. First,, The Voyager is NOT an iPhone killer, but the Samsung Instinct for Sprint is, so no idea why there is an argument for anyways. Apperantly, after others got to translate the Korean article, it’s clear that there was a mistake made in the initial article where it say that Sprint and ATT may see a voyager on their lineup.. When in reality is something along the lines saying that LG will bring other touch screen phones to other carriers.. Still, ATT does not need an iPhone killer, and before the end of the summer they will more likely have a 3G iPhone anyways with some improvements. And Sprint with the Instinct, I won’t be too surprise to see them selling lots of them specially since that phone will for sure be a perfect match against the iPhone not to mention that from the start, the Instinct will support the fastest 3G currently available. And with Sprint making big changes in their Customer Service department, things will start going good finally for them.. If I were ATT, I would never worry about VZW. I know that VZW has the better overall network, but the reason ATT still No1 and will be on that spot for a long time, is because they have way more flexibility then VZW does.. I have noticed that VZW has started to give in on a few things here and there, and that will be good for business, but they are by far the most over priced with the least additional options out in the market when it comes to things like Earlier Nights, Rollover, MyFaves etc etc.. The Voyager is an awesome phone and if in the end I do end up moving back to VZW this summer, I will get me one, or get it for my wife since we are starting to TXT a lot lately and IM,, but the Voyager is just a fancier phone, and not a heavy duty to do against phone like Blackberries, or iPhones..

25. unregistered

"Sprints air card doesn't require a voice plan" Verizon's air card does not require a voice plan either.

26. allboutvzw

Posts: 10; Member since: Apr 10, 2008

Right, sound like kids. I've been with AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon. Currently with Verizon and I love them. Every company has a flaw, none of them is perfect. Some of them just have more flaws, but the problems with customers/editors is that they expect perfection and there is no such thing and there never will be, that's like expecting perfection in the relationship you in, it would make it boring

27. George unregistered

Just to get this out of the way, Sprint and T-Mobile suck, and AT&T and VZW are tied for first. I doubt any other carrier will get the Voyager. A lot of Lg's phones for Verizon are usually exclusive only to VZW.

28. joe unregistered

To get the $59.99 unlimited air card plan Verizon does require a voice plan and they cap you at 5 gb per month. If you don't have a voice plan with Verizon the unlimited air card plan is $79.99.

29. joe unregistered

Sprint didn't loose customers, IDEN lost them all. The IDEN system was so messed up, boost mobile being the cause. All the shady people using them as "burners" so the cops can't catch them.

30. vzwem unregistered

just to add a few silly cents into this rediculous arguement (we all know sprint wll be sold off within a few years!), if you knew how to read, you would have read that vzw aircards dont require some voice plan. 59.99 is as high as it goes, and that's the 5gb plan.

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