LG Voyager and Venus available for Pre-Order

As expected, the LG Voyager and LG Venus are now available for pre-order, priced respectively at $199 and $299 with contracts and rebates ...
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31. cHuBz unregistered

Hi plansss, just to let you know that you are not required to get the $80 plan to use the voyager. If you will only use the email and web, you can get the Nationwide Select plan ($39.99/mo), then the Mobile Email ($5.00/mo). then if you want unlimited megabytes of use for the web, get the VCast VPak ($15.00/mo). For texts, since you do not use that much, it would not make sense for you to get the $10.00/mo unlimited IN texting/500 other networks, but you may do so if you want. you can also avoid the $5/mo Mobile Email, if you are fine accessing your emails thru Mobile Web (included on VCast VPak). Of course there are more features available on the Voyager like the Navigator ($9.99 per month, or $2.99 per 24 hour use), and MobileTV (add'l $10, if you subscribe to VCast, $15 if MobileTV only), but if you don't need those, then you do not need to get them. Hope this helps.

32. cHuBz unregistered

I meant Nationwide BASIC plan for $39.99/mo... sorry.

33. cellpimp unregistered

if i already pre ordered the voyager and the release date in stores is on the 21st, when with they ship the pre orders?

34. cHuBz unregistered

That's the same question I have... I pre-ordered (luckily without any problems) on Nov 8th, and my question is when it is going to be shipped and delivered? I've heard rumors that it will ship on the 16th, but nothing is for sure. They did not even offer overnight shipping (i'm willing to pay for it!), just regular FREE 2-5 business day shipping... We are going out of town for thanksgiving and I am hoping to get it by then. I thought of just going into the store on the 21st, but i thought what if they get all sold out before i even get there (i know unlikely but possible, you'll never know). Hopefully when somebody knows when the preorders will ship, please post it here... i check my order status everyday (okay, every hour... LOL) and it says "your order is awaiting approval or phone availability, please check back in a few days"... sigh! ehehhe...

35. VZ Customer unregistered

What if you don't want to change your plan just to get the phone? What if you just buy the phone at retail and try and put your number on it? That's GARBAGE that you have to change your plan just because it uses 'data'. What if the area you live in doesn't support that? I have a 1000 minute plan for 49.99 and I shouldn't have to change my plan to spend money on a new phone. Get a clue verizon, you finally adapted the not change contract term when changing plan, so jump on the ball w/ this one too.

36. NE Phil unregistered

in response to all of you.... if you just read "what you need to know" you would have removed the need for almost all of these posts... you people are ridiculously ignorant, even when we do put the information right in front of your faces! The change of the price plan wont change what you pay per month whats so ridiculous about that? no extra money no more cashs dollars than what you spent last month... no mo cash... hows that? and it does list on the site in clear black and white that to preorder you must first change pp to new pp then wait for confirmation email then you can preorder... this is str8 from the horses mouth.. I dont understand why you people throw your arms up in a tizzy at every change made... WOW just WOW its amazing at how little you actually know and how much you complain about things that arent really relivant! pp change yes, difference in price from what you pay now... no... get a clue and read, or think before you speak!!!!!!!!!

37. cellpimp unregistered

all i got to say is, "i got mine, you better get yours!" (full retail, because im still under contract $508.76) #35, refer to #'s 11, 12, 25, 30... also, go to this youtube site..http://youtube.com/watch?v=ostm0hEu1pg

38. cHuBz unregistered

Well, that is not entirely true... See, I am on America's Choice 450 ($39.99/mo), and I have the Unlimited In-texting/50 outside for $5/mo (which is totally fine, i don't have that much outside contacts). That txt plan does not exist anymore, and the minimum you can get is the $10/mo with unlimited in txt/500 outside, so this is actually $5 more per month if i change my plan (which is ok for me i guess). That's the only difference i can see so far, all other options are the same in price (navigator, mobile email, vcast). I know the BASE plans do not change in price (450 mins still $39 for BASIC, etc), but the options, mainly the txt part, changed by removing the $5 option.

39. Janet unregistered

You can get 250 text/pic messages for $5. You can text to anyone, even those not on verizon. It's not advertised online but you can call up and have it added on to your plan....that's what I did...there's also a 100 text/pix plan for $2.99....verizon doesn't advertise these text plans so the consumer doesn't know and just picks what the lowest advertised price they see...but those text plans do exist and you can add it to the nationwide plans...hope that helps.

40. cHuBz unregistered

Really... when I upgraded my phone (on another line in my account), I asked the rep to retain the America's Choice plan as I do not want any changes to the plan. he told me that the $5 txt plan does not exist anymore, but he did something for me to keep it on my plan. That's when i knew they are probably trying to get rid of it. now for the 250 txt/pic, is it unlimited IN txt/pic, then 250 other networks, or 250 altogether? i would even get the $2.99 if it is unlimited IN txt/pic then 100 outside. Thanks again!!

41. Janet unregistered

It's 250 all together...I don't even go over 100 texts per month, so 250 is good enough for me, just like to have the extra texts just in case I go over...I guess it depends on how much you text....

42. jesus unregistered

is kool

43. stopcrying unregistered

$508.76... ouch!

44. sick of people giving wrong information out, vzw emp unregistered

36 hate to pop your world but 25 is wrong. And 27 the real answers are the real WRONG answers. IF you read right on the main page it says to change to national plans wait for confirmation email then pre order. You have to be logged in under my account. You can only pre order it online till 11/21 you all need to chill and if you have a question call the real people Verizon Wireless instead of taking the word from people who think they know the real stuff. GGGEEESSS it’s a cool phone but people stop and think and READ! I sware if people would stop and read on the page where your ordering this phone You’d have your answers there.

45. cellpimp unregistered

CHILL, this problem is not yours and it's already been resolved!

46. 6800 unregistered

Has anybody heard anything on the 6800? The last time I heard a Verizon rep told me the 16th of November. I'm holding my breath. I'm trying to hold on as long as possible before switching to the Tilt

47. amathre unregistered

hey i am debating whether or not to pre-order the voyager right now or not (i still would have to switch to the new nationwide plan) but when i started the process on the website of learning about it i read that by switching plans the New Every Two discount would be eliminated!!! is that true or did i miss something? I will probably still switch to the voyager but that $100 discount goes a long way when thinking about which new phone to get after the 20 or so months with verizon.... sorry in advance if you think this is a dumb question ; )

48. cHuBz! unregistered

I'm pretty sure you will not lose the New Every 2 Program when you preorder... But since it is already 11-15-2007, it would be best for you to just wait and go to the store on 11-21... good luck!

49. whoa unregistered

The problem was that your plan CODE for the website needed to be changed. All of the plans before national work, but because of the attempt to transition away from them (the old ones), and to have the better data packages included (some of 5+ year old ones don't) they had this phone set on newer codes/plans only. I called a verizon rep and within an hour pre-order worked fine. I also asked a verizon rep about new every two, she said that it should still be fine, however the discounts on the website may not be right yet. 44 is most likely not an employee and lying. I did NOT have to change my plan and I DID actually pre-order the phone. Btw 44 I had a national plan from when they first started offering it. It wasn't the plan... it was the code.

50. Boot Leg Bill unregistered

The 6800 will be available online on 11-28-2007 and in stores on 12-05-2007

51. cellpimp unregistered

*ATTENTION PRE-ORDERERS* i just got an email confirmation this morning from verizon. they shipped out my order today (overnight) and will receive it sometime tomorrow afternoon. just letting yall know cuz i thought we wouldnt be able to receive it til over the weekend/next monday.
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