LG VX9400 coming to Verizon soon

LG VX9400 coming to Verizon soon
The long-awaited LG VX9400 is expected to be added to the Verizon line-up on March 23rd, and will be the 2nd Verizon phone to offer the new VCast Mobile TV service. The VX9400 features an innovative 262K Color QVGA display what will rotate from Portrait to Landscape for Mobile TV viewing.

Other features include:

- 1.3MP Camera (up to 1280x960 for pix, and 320x240 for vids)
- MP3/WMA Music Player
- MicroSD Slot
- Speakerphone
- Voice Commands
- Bluetooth Version 1.2
- Dimensions 4.04"H x 1.93"W x 0.73"D
- Weight 4.06oz

Pricing is anticipated to be at $249 with a 2-year contract and $299 with a 1-year. There is also going to be $50 Mail-In-Rebate, which will lower the price down to $199 and $249 respectively. However, if you are looking to pay Full Retail price, expect to hand over $369.

LG VX9400 full specifications

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1. hashsham unregistered

looks kinda weird we have to turn screen to dail ???!!!!

2. julie unregistered

do you need to turn the screen to go through the menu, or can u leave it down???

3. valerie unregistered

Does anyone have this phone? if so, how do u like it? would u recomend it to someone else

4. liz unregistered

if u have to turn the screen to dial do u have to hav ur phone conversation like tht or can u dial, press send, then flip it back down to talk?????

5. Justin unregistered

you do not have to turn the screen to go through the menu... you do have to turn it to dial but after you hit send you can close the phone and continue with the conversation... so far I like it but I have only had it for a 2 days ... the picture and sound quality seem to be great... I would recommend the insurance for 5.99/month it has a large screen that is easy to scratch ... then again I am rough on every phone I have.

6. mayra unregistered

This is a great phone. I like this phone it has a large sreen, t.v, mp3.Yes you do have to turn the screen to dial but you can turn it back down during a conversation. you can also leave the screen down to go through the menu.

7. Chris Perosi unregistered

Not recommended. I'm on my 4th phone in 10 months. First one was replaced by Verizon due to the LCD screen going dark. Verizon replaced under warranty. 2 months later, same issue, but I dropped it in a puddle right AFTER the screen went dark (still usable but VERY VERY dark) so when I went for the replacement they said it was due to the water damage, which, of course, couldn't be because the problem occurred BEFORE the water damage. 3 months later, similar issue -- the screen orientation stopped changing. Flipped in one direction it's supposed to display landscape-style, in the other, portrait style. Mine doesn't change orientation anymore, which results in the phone believing it's "open" all the time -- which means the backlight never goes off and the keys never lock. Of course, at the same time I reported that problem to Verizon, I reported a problem with the charger port. The device is unable to take a charge. It was intermittent from the day I received it (refurbished from Asurion) but I didn't want to go through the hassle of another replacement, so I just lived with it. Now, 3 months later it's gotten progressively worse to the point that it won't charge at all. Like I said, though, I reported this problem at the same time I reported the screen orientation issue -- and the jacka$$es at Verizon and Asurion both say charger port issues are considered physical damage and not covered. So here I am awaiting my next refurbished phone from Asurion.... 4th in 10 months. In the meantime, I can't be without a phone for even one day, so I decided to tinker... Took the thing apart (I figured, what the hell, they already told me it can't be replaced under warranty, so I had to put in the insurance claim -- worst case I'd break it more...) and lo and behold, what do I find? Clearly the phone I currently have in my possession was returned to Asurion as an insurance claim due to charger port issues. How do I know this? Well, every component on the circuit board is soldered individually by a machine. All those little prongs, etc, etc. Nice, clean solder joints, all lined up in a row, no heat damage, no resin... All except one item, that is. I found the charger port to be disconnected from the board itself. I could see this being a "damage" issue if it weren't for one thing. There are 16 pins on the charger port itself, which are supposed to be soldered individually to the board. Then there are two solder points on the sides of the unit, and two underneath, that hold the whole unit in place. In addition to that there are like 6 tabs that fold over the end of the board and through the bottom of the phone's plastic casing, which further facilitate stress relief on the charger port. On MY unit, however, the pins were not soldered. There was evidence on the board of solder having been on the 16 points of contact that match up with the charger port, however, absolutely no evidence of solder on the charger port's individual pins. The two points on the sides of the charger port had, in fact, been soldered, but the two underneath it had not. So theoretically, yes, it's physical damage. I broke the two solder joints that held the charger port to the board. However, there are supposed to be FOUR joints that hold it to the board, for obvious reasons. In addition to that, even if the charger port were loose in the hole, the 16 pins that connect it to the board would have been plenty sufficient to receive the signal and charge the battery. Instead, two out of four "positioning" solder joints were the only thing that held this thing together, and as soon as they were compromised, the charger port was completely useless. I repositioned the charger port, put it back together, and got the phone to take a charge, although I haven't had any success getting it to take a charge again once I pulled it out the first time. This probably wouldn't be an issue with most phones, since the replacement is on its way, and it was fully charged when I pulled it off... But the VX9400's battery life is TERRIBLE. I wake up to a full charge every morning, use it moderately throughout the day, and end up having to charge the battery again somewhere around 6pm. That's pitiful for a phone in today's day and age. And good luck finding an "extended life" battery for this phone.... So to the conclusions: In several years perhaps the technology will exist to support a "swivel screen" application such as this, while keeping per unit costs low enough... But currently this technology has a "shelf life" and will break down quickly over time with moderate use. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a screen protector AND a camera protector for this phone if you can't seem to stay away altogether. Both of these surfaces scratch and dent more easily than butter. The 2.0 megapixel camera becomes quite useless once there's a few scratches on the plastic lens cover -- the camera focuses on the scratches instead of the target of the photograph, and the result is blurry, dim pictures. Pictures look AMAZING on day one, though.... So keep that lens covered up. As stated by someone else, the screen scratches way too easily, and if you have any sort of holster for the phone (since Verizon stopped including belt clips now.... GRRRRR) you'll find all it does it tear up the screen. MAKE SURE MAKE SURE MAKE SURE you get the insurance on the phone. You'll need it. You may very well need it several times a year, as I did. At this point I complained enough to Verizon that they gave me the early upgrade... So the only reason I even had the phone replaced through insurance is that I'm going to sell it on eBay and recoup partial cost of the upgrade. Otherwise I wouldn't have bothered -- certainly I DO NOT want this same phone again.... Good luck... I hope this product isn't indicative of the quality of LG's for the future. They've always made stout bulletproof phones. My VX8100, I threw 200 feet across a parking lot (why do we do this? wasn't it easier to control your rage back in the day when you could slam a phone's handset down on the cradle??) and when it landed, it split into 4 distinct pieces. I snapped them back together and it still worked. I also went for a dip in the pool with it on my belt (accidentally) -- laid it out in the sun and when it was dry, it worked fine. So why is it I can't get this VX9400 to last more than 3 months? I think some of LG's engineers were out drinking too late a few nights, and when the boss asked them why their proposal wasn't ready yet, they said, "Oh, no, it's ready, it's right here," and they handed him some slip-shod proposal for a phone that wasn't ready for the wear and tear of real life.... As I said, good luck....

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