LG VX8800 and VX10000

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LG VX8800 and VX10000
Have you been thinking about purchasing the LG VX8700, Chocolate VX8550, or the enV?
If you don't mind waiting a few months, then you can get the new LG VX8800 or VX10000.Both of these mysterious devices just hit the FCC Approval site this week.

Little is know about them, but rumors have stated the VX8800 is a slider phone, which would make it more of an upgrade from the VX8550, and the VX10000 will be thinner and wider than the enV. *Update* Its internal display will be the same as on the enV, but the external one will be larger and touch-sensitive.

Personally, we would like to see a LG Prada in CDMA variant come to Verizon.

source: FCC (VX8800, VX10000)



1. Gib unregistered

I just talked to an LG rep the other day and he said the enV was coming out in a new color and to his knowledge no new enV was in the works...hmm....

2. big$ unregistered

I think MR. LG rep is holdin out. I'm not too sure why they would come out with a new color for the 9900 when the orange hasn't made much of an impact on env sales...hmmmmm....

3. ~ Slim ~ unregistered

I have the EnV now and hopefully by the time the new one comes out, I will be eligible for my next NE2 and I will be all over it. I too agree that Mr. LG Rep may have been holding out. This is the same thing that happened with the EnV. Remember? ~ Slim ~

4. Gib unregistered

I was getting ready to upgrade to the new colored enV when it did come out but now with this news, I am gonna hang tight and wait and see how the new version does

5. dom unregistered

The new color of the enV is going to been green, i'm not sure what shade but use your imagination. or you could always just get skins for it like me from amazone for 8.95. Cheaper than upgrading for a new color and you can chage it if you get tired of it. http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss_misc/102-8610227-2542529?url=search-alias%3Dmisc&field-keywords=lg+enV+skins&Go.x=0&Go.y=0&Go=Go

6. kevin unregistered

the LG Viewty is the vx 10000

8. nani unregistered

Lg enV will be coming out in a military green color.

9. Gib unregistered

I have seen the military green for the 9990...not real impressed. Hoping that the vx 10000 is not the viewty but the succesor to the env...just my opinion

10. bOii wOnd3r unregistered

usually the reps are the LAST ones to find out about any new phones or features coming out in the future. im not a verizon customer but im very fond of the enV series. thats the only phone that verizon offers that i like. other than that, GSM all the waaaaay

11. Kim unregistered

I just spoke with rep and she said they're coming out with a pink ENV also. I'll wait on it and maybe the new one, haven't heard of a new one yet though!

12. Chriss Nel unregistered

what colors are they coming out with? is it worth it to wait.... but by then the whole world will end up with an enV!!! what to do?

13. Mike unregistered

Verizon is losing business and management is the only one to blam. If the LG Prada phone would come out this would give Verizon a lift on sales and the buttom line. I plan to switch to ATT in 4Q if verizon cannot come out with a phone like the LG Prada or iPhone. Look they have all their phone under a $100 and coming out with a green LG enV? Verizon is getting desperate because of the poor mistakes managment has made in the last 12 months. No iPhone or no phone to match the iPhone, if you think the iPhone doesn't help ATT you better watch the market share and profits! Verizon will lose a customer and ATT will gain one. I am not alone on this opinion either.

14. Jane Doe unregistered

The orange en-v has had great success; im not sure where your getting your information from. Enjoy your iphone... let me know how you enjoy your dropped calls.

15. VZW unregistered

Indeed. AT&T has had so many iPhone returns that they are now selling them as refurbished on their website. If you're actually dumb enough to buy one at full price, Let us know how you enjoy paying $500/$600 for a phone; regail us with your tales of battery replacements that will cost you $100 plus in the long run; oh, and while you're at it, why don't you join up in one of the THREE class-action lawsuits that AT&T has stacked against them as a result of this aforementioned battery replacement issue Go on and please share how you bathe in the glory of waiting 2-3 minutes for EDGE to load a webpage. Silly me, I'm enjoying a very, VERY capable VZW multimedia phone for less than $60/month ($60/month is the MINIMUM plan you have to agree to in order to use one of these God-forsaken pieces of equipment), access to high speed data connections, a network that can actually back up it's claims of being as reliable as it really is (see: AT&T having to drop their claim of having the fewest dropped calls because they can't back it up anymore), plus a solid warranty/battery replacement policy. Gee, VZW. You sure have cheated me.

16. Iphone unregistered

The only ones making the money on the Iphone is Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, Verizon supposdedly turned down the Iphone because Apple wanted to much. On Top of the, the Iphone did not sell as much as people predicted and cost way to much for a phone the cost them 200 to make, and the 110 it would cost just to change the battery, Verizon will come out with something when the time is right and they get the right product to sell,

17. VZW unregistered

...exactly. Stores are seeing mountains of returns for those phones. VZW would NEVER require it's customers to pay $600 for a phone WITH A TWO-YEAR AGREEMENT. Not even the most expensive data-capable phones cost that much on a two-year agreement. That's just a freakin' rip off.

18. Ryan Michael unregistered

I love my orange env. you are absolutley rediculous if you are going to switch to att to use their Iphone on their slower network than they use on the other att phones. absurd!

19. unknown unregistered

VX10000 and VX8800 pics enclosed! http://www.photodump.com/photon01/2007-09-05/

20. unregistered

when is the vx10000 being released?

21. nonny unregistered

the word on the street is late november into december. dun no fo sho tho.

22. unregistered


23. David unregistered

Looks like Verizon may be breaking the mold with this one! More shots of the phone including HTML browser:http://knightknetwork.com/2007/09/24/pics-of-field-test-vx10000-unit-the-x/

25. B unregistered

the vx 10000 comes out october 3rd

26. MC unregistered

Heres a link to the LG website with pictures of the new Voyager for Verizon and the green EnV metioned above. Enjoy! Voyager is detailed in this link: http://us.lge.com/products/model/detail/mobile%20phones_select%20by%20carrier_verizon_VOYAGER.jhtml and the Green EnV is detailed in this link: http://us.lge.com/products/model/detail/mobile%20phones_select%20by%20carrier_verizon_ENV%20-%20GREEN.jhtml

27. H unregistered

The New EnV is green but its on special for only Car Toys currently, looks wierd, I am not a fan. Now onto the LG Voyager 10,000. It will definately be out before Christmas, I am hoping around November. It has a full touch screen and Verizon is boasting a full HTML browser. Its not WiFi capable but still Verizons service is pretty advanced. Huge screen and it flips open to show another full screen side sterio speakers and full keyboard. Pretty AWESOME!!!

28. PinkEnv? unregistered

Will they ever make a pink enV? If so does anyone know when? Cuz i really wanna ge tthe enV, but id rather have it in pink

29. Alexis unregistered

Someone said in an earlier post that the enV would be coming out in PINK? Does anyone know if this is true, and if so, when is it coming out?? I hate the green and the orange :-(

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