LG Shine comes to AT&T

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LG Shine comes to AT&T
Although AT&T hasn’t really offered any higher end LGs, the carrier will try to compensate this with the release of a Shine-variant. The slider is characterized by the metal-like finish which comes in contrast to the glossy phones on the market (Chocolate and others). As it can be seen from the first spy photos, the AT&T variant will redesign the navigation method, trading the 3-way scroll for a circular D-pad or joystick. Considering this is an expensive model, we hope it will be 3G capable.

Still there is no additional information, but having in mind these changes, the AT&T LG Shine may also differ in other aspects to the European one.

Image courtesy of Gizmodo



1. unregistered

The GSM UNLOCKED SHINE has been out for a while now. They took away the cool little scroll wheel, but not much else has changed.

2. dynamickorea unregistered

I got this phone when it came out in Korea. The Korean Version is probably a bit different from the Euro and US version, but no matter this is a sturdy great working phone. I've had no problems with it and found the user interface to be easy to navigate. The mirrored screen seems to draw a lot of attention as well. Im not sure what happened to the scroll wheel and buttons though -_-;;

3. Ed unregistered

at&t will find a way to screw this phone up..can't even see the mirror finish from these pics.

4. FerneyZAN unregistered

Not sure how the Mirror really going to get my full attention or not when it comes out, but I do know the Mirror feature is only when the screen is off.. Anyways.. I'm looking forward to see it soon at the store since I'm on the market to replace my Crappy/Slow SYNC..

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