LG Rumor is basic messaging phone for Sprint

LG Rumor is basic messaging phone for Sprint
Sprint and LG today announced that the LG Rumor will be available for purchase in late October, priced at $80 with 2-year contract. It is an affordable phone with side-sliding QWERTY keyboard, which when opened activates the messaging menu. Here you’ll find the email client as well as the instant messaging. The Rumor will be available in two color variants: Black with Blue and White with Silver.

LG Rumor Specifications

source: Sprint



1. tykobird unregistered

Well I got this phone yesterdayand it rocks. I love the fact it is simple and nice looking to boot. I also love the fact it does not have the bells and whistles t others have, it does what a phone is suppose to do. I love it. I was a avid flip phome person and I was a little leary about getting the rumor and now I am glad, like I said it rocks. The only thing I do not like and it is very basic, is that I can not put a strap on it and that I can not find a decent case for it, other than that it is a great phone. IT ROCKS.

2. lane unregistered

does it have msn instant mesaging i just got the insticnt to find it has no im. what phones by sprint do? ty

3. unregistered

i luvin this phone..but i wish it was from Metro so I can get unlimited =[ but..it still iz awesome =]

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