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LG Optimus S Gingerbread update halted by Sprint after issues reported

0. phoneArena posted on 28 Sep 2011, 01:30

Some owners of the LG Optimus S have run into some major problems after their phone received the Gingerbread update; after receiving complaints about issues such as not being able to charge the phone, and not receiving data, Sprint has decided to put a halt on the update for now...

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posted on 28 Sep 2011, 07:16

2. E (unregistered)

Is it that hard to get the software right on the 1st official release? I'm sure it will take over a month given the history of "patches." Need some examples. Epic owners waited a month for the "fixed Froyo" which fixed nothing and are STILL waiting for Gingerbread (officially) also who can remember the HTC Touch 6900? Remember the sleep mode issue that would send calls to voicemail? Took them over 9 months to fix the issue. There wasn't a patch they straight up waited til 6.5 was ready. So good luck Optimus owners! Id get proactive and start looking on Android forums for the original ROM and flash back to Froyo. Don't know how? Now is a gr8 time to be proactive and learn. Don't know your Gmail acct cause supposively someone else set it up for you and/or what a Gmail is? Flush your Android and go grab a Samsung M360, its all you need. (Keyword being NEED)

posted on 03 Oct 2011, 08:45

4. Jenna (unregistered)

On or about Wednesday, September 21, 2011 my phone said it was updating and rebooted itself. It was the new 2.3.3 version. The first thing I notice was the black top with neon green, I didn't really like the black but it was just cosmetic and didn't really bother me. What did bother me was that the keyboard had changed. I did not like it, especially the fact that it's predictive text was horrible, totally useless in fact!

Instead of predicting the word it gives names in your contact list and words you have used on your phone and they all start with a capital letter. I called it about it and they said that there would be a maintenance update sent out within the next week or 2 that would fix it. On Saturday my phone shut off by itself and I could not turn it back on using the power button, I took the battery out and put it back in and was able to turn it on. Sunday morning my alarm did not go off and I woke up late. My phone had shut itself off. I called Sprint customer care, on the way to church. The girl I spoke to said she would call me after church and get me though to a technician who could help me. Her supervisior got on the phone to confirm the call back which we scheduled for 1pm EST. She never called me back.

After 2pm I called Sprint. Basically was told that I needed to take the phone to a repair center, nothing they could do. I did not want to do that as I had learned from my last experience that they would just hard reset it and that would only give me more aggrevation and probably not fix ther problem. Monday morning same thing happened, woke up, no alarm, phone was off. Took it straight to Sprint store, where they told me they would have to hard reset it. The guy assured me that it would more than likely fix the problem. It didn't, Tuesday morning same story. At this point I had noticed other problems with my phone, I couldn't save contacts, I couldn't set a personal ring tone, I was having problems when typing in forms online, and sometimes when I was on a call I was not getting notices of incomeing calls. If they did not leave a voice mail I would not even know I had missed a call.

I called Sprint and was told by a supervison that she was aware of the problem, she herself had the same phone with problems, but that the technician could downgrade the system for me. She transfered me to the technician who told me that was not true. He told me that they were aware of the problem and their only solution was to replace my phone. The replacement phones are refurbished, not new. I don't have a problem with that, but I want it to at least look new as this is no fault of my own that I have to keep replacing my original new phone.

One agent actually told me that Sprint does not have an obligation to provide us with a working phone!!!! They provide us a phone as a "courtesy."

posted on 06 Oct 2011, 06:41

5. Debby (unregistered)

I am furious!! After dealing with all of the issues on my Optimus as Jenna, I went to Sprint a week ago. As I walked through the door the Sprint rep said, "Let me say it. Your battery won't hold a charge, the auto-cprrect is gone, you can't save contacts. . . .it was the new update that did it." And then he said LG would be sending out a new update and that I should use the Swype mechanism for texting. Yesterday I went back in to see if anything has been fixed--and now they said that they will replace my phone with an Optimus that has not been updated, but I will need to pay $35.00. They said they tried a "fix" that was suggested by LG on two phones that day and that the phones no longer work at all. I bought the phone in late May and used my upgrade credit for it. Not the phone I wanted--but the Sprint guys pushed it. I either pay another $35 for a new phone with the same issues--or pay another couple hundred for something else. And I'm locked into Sprint for a 2-year contract! Not their problem, they say; it's LG's.

posted on 07 Oct 2011, 07:21

6. chris may (unregistered)


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