LG New Chocolate BL40 gets gold accents & new camera

LG New Chocolate BL40 gets gold accents & new camera
Russia is getting treated to a special version of the sizzling looking LG New Chocolate BL40 that's sure to accent well with its unique looks. Although its name could simply make you crave for some chocolates, the new version being made available for Russia sports a gold pattern design and a flavor for a new 5-megapixel camera with Schneider Kreuznach lens as opposed to the 8-megapixel one found on the Christmas Edition. Essentially it's similar to that device except for the fact that it sports a different camera – but it's still a nice looking handset that showcases the BL40's sleek elegance. Aside from that, the device remains faithful to the original – regrettably the device never made it here stateside.

LG New Chocolate BL40 Specifications | Review

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1. TSN Prasad unregistered

20 Reasons to Avoid LG BL40 hi. i have this phone for 1 months and i am so regretful for wasting such a money. however i have some issues: 1) the phone can't remember previous play list it will reload every time 2) if anything delete from tracks list it will return to top of list 3) it will reload every time if gallery or music player is opened it takes lot of time to start every time 4) the player dose not contained option most played and never played and newly added so on 5) top of unlock key is not easy to unlock 6) battery backup is low 7) no call recording option 8) switch to one call to another it is hard (if call wighting is enabled ) 9) number of Java application installation has some limit not unlimited 10) it will only runs only one ore two applications only it is not a fulfilled multitasking 11) The phone Provide is too heat while long time calling or video playing of 10 or 15 minutes. 12) the phone not have pouch with in box. 13) after search no any options available 14) LG Application Store not allowing to download the application to directly to pc it will sent link to mobile you have to use your gprs or wi-if to download and the very limited application only available 15) the contacts dose not allow to save address on google maps. 16) LG PC Suite is very wrest it dose not allow make a voice call/video call from PC while connected to PC 17) There is no option to put your cam shutter sound turn off you have to put your phone in silent mode 18) The phone dose not recognize most known file formates such as .MHT , .WAV .DAT so on 19) No select option while browsing net and after search result 20) The phone book not compatible to google contacts sync

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