LG KP500 is a budget touch phone

LG KP500 is a budget touch phone
Today , LG announced the KP500 as a budget full touch phone, to be considered by these who like the Renoir KC910 but are not willing to spend a fortune on getting it. LG claims that the affordable introduction price of the new KP500 has never been offered before on a full touch phone, but will announce the exact number during the launch, at the end of October.

The KP500 has similar look to the Renoir and seems to be running on identical software, with widgets on the homescreen. It is a quad-band GSM (probably lacks 3G) with a 3-inch display, accelerometer, on-screen QWERTY and handwriting recognition. It will have 3MP camera instead of the 8-megapixel one on the Renoir and will lack Wi-Fi, GPS, and support for DivX and XviD videos. KP500 will be available in four colors: black, Vandyke brown, Anodizing silver, and Elegant gold.

source: LG

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1. unregistered

this phone is sick. if they can actually price it reasonably, it would be a good investment.

2. Teebag unregistered

They call that a budget phone ?? Even "stripped down", any US carrier would market it as high end and charge at least higher end smartphone pricing for it....The US carriers really need to rethink our gameplan.

3. Genny unregistered

I think the phone is awesome. I love that unlike the DARE that the device comes with a STYLUS plus it has a 3mp camera!!!!

4. unregistered

um yeah the DARE comes with a 3.2mp camera! which im pretty sure is better than a 3mp in any country. and why do you need a stylus on a phone that small!! that seems pointless!

6. unregistered

I have the dare. If you suffer from FFS (fat finger syndrome), a stylus could be useful. Overall it's a great phone that has a nice camera interface with a bright LED flash. If you're looking for a smartphone don't get a dare because it wasn't made to be one.

5. unregistered

It looks damn high end to me.

7. Peter Pang unregistered

high end??? "will lack Wi-Fi, GPS, and support for DivX and XviD videos" what a waste

8. Questo unregistered

I think that release date is 27 of october, becouse in the pictures of phone is calender where reades 27, oct, 2008

9. Flamyc

Posts: 1; Member since: Oct 17, 2008

O YA ! You might be right, but i don't think they would do that. If they knew when it came out they would tell us, not put clues in the pictures!

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