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LG G3 s / G3 Beat priced at €349 in Europe

0. phoneArena posted on 17 Jul 2014, 21:16

The LG G3 mini - as it was known until some time ago - will be available in Europe starting August. LG didn't say if the smartphone will be released in the US...

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posted on 17 Jul 2014, 21:20 4

1. Arte-8800 (banned) (Posts: 4562; Member since: 13 Mar 2014)

5inch is a mini? Lmao. More like 4.0 to 4.5 is.

And again, that good for nothing S400 Cpu.

S4 pro or S600 , would've been great.

posted on 17 Jul 2014, 21:31 1

2. UglyFrank (Posts: 1939; Member since: 23 Jan 2014)

That's what I'm saying. They may aswell make the G2 with MicroSD the takedown model, it is almost smaller than this

posted on 17 Jul 2014, 21:38

3. sgodsell (Posts: 4861; Member since: 16 Mar 2013)

The Snapdragon 400 CPU is not bad at all. I have a couple of moto g's that the kids use, and it plays all the games just fine. So speed is not the issue. Of course there are faster CPUs out there like the SD 800 in my Note 3 and Nexus 5 are faster.
If they waited for another 2 months to release the G3 s, then they could have used a SD 410 CPU. That would be a 64bit CPU (cortex-a53). I would take that chip over the SD 800 any day. I know the GPU is still faster on the 800, but I would still take a cortex-a53.

posted on 17 Jul 2014, 23:19

4. Jinto (Posts: 436; Member since: 15 Jan 2014)

Tegra 4 would have been nice

posted on 18 Jul 2014, 02:56

5. saratew (Posts: 28; Member since: 15 Apr 2012)

I think it is a good phone. Its price is okay. Finally, nowhere in the article says it is G3 mini. It is LG G3 Beat.

posted on 18 Jul 2014, 12:07

7. boosook (Posts: 1442; Member since: 19 Nov 2012)

Price is okay? Would you pay eur 350 for a Moto G with simply a better camera and bigger screen (but with the same resolution)? At the same price, you can get a Nexus 5, which offers a top-notch chipset and buttery smooth OS, a full HD display and twice the RAM of the G3 mini. Not to mention that, if you give up Google's warranty, you can buy the nexus 5 from outside the play store for much less.
This phone should cost no more than eur 250. The hardware is mid-range.

posted on 18 Jul 2014, 03:10

6. realjjj (Posts: 375; Member since: 28 Jan 2014)

Low end perf for Nexus price, so a phone for morons. Then again,at least it's less than the HTC One Mini.

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