LG Decoy VX8610 and Motorola V750 closer to release?

LG Decoy VX8610 and Motorola V750 closer to release?
New images have appeared, showing the Motorola V750 in all its glory. The V750 is one of two new devicesplaned to come out this summer with the launch of Verizon's new PTTservice. Features include a large external and internal display,camera, EVDO, Bluetooth, mobile web, and 128MB of internal memory.

The LG Decoy VX8610 is now up on LG's accessories page and shows that it will use the same battery as the VX8700. The most interesting feature of the Decoy is the inclusion of a built-in Bluetooth earpiece,which is detachable from the back. It is also a slider phone, sportinga QVGA display and a unique trackball for menu navigation. Last month, we learnedthat the Decoy was scheduled for a May 30th launch. Now, with theaccessories starting to be listed, we hope that this release date ison-track.

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2. jamesvillan22

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The LG Decoy VX8610 looks a lot different frm the first pics! i hear that the release was delay till summer due to static problems with the built-in Bluetooth earpiece, lets hope when it gets lunch this problem gets fix

3. unregistered

when is the Motorola V750 comin out? anyone know? O, and the Decoy looks sweet. I kinda like the menu in grid form like most other companies.

4. unregistered

That is the new type of menu and is used on the Samsung Glyde.

5. unregistered

these are the ugliest phones i have ever seen. and the menu is repullsive. the one on the voyager is so much nicer.

8. unregistered

You're probably ugly too; so an ugly phone to match an ugly face. Personnaly I think it is a pretty cool design.

6. vzwemp unregistered

LG is definatly trying something... .different... with their faces on the new phones.. the env2 is .. well ugly on the face, and so is the decoy. At least the phones are chock fulla stuff and normally really dependable to make up for it. cant say that about motorolas!

7. unregistered

I'm definitely liking the look of the lg decoy. It would be nice if they would move away from that piano black finish.

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