LG Chocolate on Verizon site

LG Chocolate on Verizon site

Verizon Wireless have included the LG Chocolate phone on their site so now we can have a 360-degree view of the eagerly anticipated stylish device. After a closer look we noticed that design wise the d-pad (now iPod styled) is not the only difference with the European version. The side keys here are placed on the upper sliding part of the phone while the same are located on the lower one (where the keypad is) in the KG800 version. It also looks like the VX8500 lacks flash as we see in the 3D demo of the phone. Despite red Verizon UI seen in the demo, we expect that there will also be flash UI which is used in new LG phones like the VX-8300.

A possible launch date is August 16, having in mind the one displayed on the phone's screen in the demo.

Source: VerizonWireless



1. unknowned unregistered

i have had this phone for about a year. i have it in the color hot pink. when i first got this phone i loved it, i waited such a long time to get it and i finnally did. i like the phone because of the sensoers it lets me go to my stuff faster. only thing i dont like is when it makes calls becuause i have it in my pockets. alot of people dont know how to use my phone but they have to get used to it. the thing about this phone is that its getting old but i dont want to change it because of the color. i wish they could make it look different and add more stuff to it then i would be a better phone. other then the small problems i have with this phone its still a good phone i just want it to get updadted i little and it would be better. for anyone that gets this phone i hope you enjoy it as much as i did. =]]

2. i love you james!!! unregistered

i love this phone yeah it may have a few problemes but dosnt every phone have some.... anyway for anyone that wants this phone i think you will enjoy it. it the perfect size and i love my phone. yeah its not the newest in stock but i still like it. i hope you do too.

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