LG Chocolate VX8550 on Verizon site

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LG Chocolate VX8550 on Verizon site
The Verizon Wireless site is hosting the interactive user guide of the second Chocolate phone for the carrier. Under the model VX8550, it comes as just a basic upgrade of the VX8500, changing the design and just a few features. The black d-pad is replaced with silver one, and we are not sure if it will really be a d-pad or a scroll wheel like in an ipod. Earlier rumors pointed that the second Chocolate will have 3.5mm stereo jack for easier connecting of headphones. From the user manual we can see it uses the Flash interface.

You can preview the Interactive user manual at Verizon Wireless site



1. Dre Liz unregistered

Rumors have it that it comes out on July 9th

2. jah unregistered

The new LG VX8550 will come out on July 9th in 3 colors... Black Black Cherry (Red) Blue Mint (Blue)

3. Nabs unregistered

The release for the 8550 has been bumped up to july 8th. 1 less day :)

4. Jordan unregistered

I got to see it a week ago and it so cool. The red and blue are darker then before.

5. Bri unregistered

Its comin out fo sho on MONDAY July 9th

6. ThatGuy unregistered

Verizon Wireless releases LG VX8550 TODAY - July 8, 2007, a day earlier than Verizon had publicly announced.

7. C unregistered

Great phone but the headphone jack is 2.5mm...not 3.5mm as stated above.

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