LG Chocolate Blue Ice now available

LG Chocolate Blue Ice now available
We wrote about the Blue Ice exclusively here and on Nov. 30, Verizon Wireless announced the newest edition to the Chocolate line-up. As it was expected, no improvements were made. The phone has the same features as the other Chocolates 8550 , but comes in a new color. The model now has 4 design colors - Original Black, Black Cherry, Blue Mint and Blue Ice.

LG Chocolate in Blue Ice is exclusively available for $79.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate and a two-year contract at Circuit City. It will also be available at all Verizon Wireless stores and online on Friday, Dec. 7.

source: Verizon Wireless



1. poohbear unregistered

i want this phonw so bad it's so cool and i love the color

2. unregistered

this phone is great to have u will like it

3. unregistered

uh my sister likes it

4. Tiffany unregistered

This is my dream phone i love putting my finger on the volume circle it's so cool blue ice is so cool

5. gennie unregistered

u willl love it

6. unregistered

parents out there your kid will love this phone have to get tit for them

7. unregistered

yo dudes i like it

8. katie unregistered

hey i was just asking when to get it cause i don't know when it comes out

9. unregistered

i loved my grandmom loves it my grandpa loves it my sister is jealous of it my brother thinks it's cool and dad loves it

10. miranda unregistered

LG chocolate cell phone in blue ice is great:)

11. jesse unregistered

how much is it if you dont get it with a plan????

24. olivia unregistered

A WHOLE lot_ at least close to 150.00!

12. unregistered

the price limited time (holiday price) is 269.99

13. Taylor unregistered

omg!! im getting this phone in 9 days! its my 1st phone and im so syced!

21. Kat unregistered

I so want it

14. manda unregistered

im getin this phone tomorrow cannt wait. i had the original white chocolate. now im so psyced to get this one!!!!!!!

15. Courtney unregistered

I want this phone so bad! How much is it if your contract isn't up yet? Mine is up in June and I don't want to wait that long! :)

29. unregistered

your stupid how bought you go on the internet and see for yoursel

16. brittaney r unregistered

i got this phone for christmas i was so happy i love it its the best

17. Katie unregistered

I ordered my phone online and it comes tomorrow. I'm so excited. It's an awesome looking phone!

18. AMBER unregistered


19. minty unregistered

gosh! i c this phone everywhere! and i need one! its tottally cool and stuff and i cant get over seeing it! aMaZiNg!

20. Meshia unregistered

i will be getting this phone in MAY i can't wait....

22. Jealousy unregistered

i am soooooo jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would b able 2 get dat phone, but of course my dad won't let me bcause of the monthly bills and stuff like dat.

23. GIGGLES unregistered


25. chassyjo unregistered

Im getting this phone tomorrow for my birthday! ahhh im excited becz i love this phone!

26. unregistered

OMG!!! I luv this phone! It is so cool! Im getting in like 2 weeks and i cant wait!

27. unregistered

OMG!!!!! I ordered this on sunday and it should be here today or tomorow!!!!!! CAN'T FREAKIN WAIT!!!!!!!!n ^_^

28. unregistered

OH YEAH! I got it for free on verizonwireless.com with my 2-year upgrade! Awesome! thats a hundred bucks toward....something or other...I LOVE THIS PHONE!

30. unregistered

i have this phone its amazing.

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