LG Chocolate 3 to be available also in Blue

LG Chocolate 3 to be available also in Blue
Knowing well LG and its Chocolate line, it comes as no surprise that its new Chocolate 3 will be available in a few color variants. Announcing the model, VZW released images of the black variant only, but on one of its less popular sites, LG has shown also a light blue option. In this version, the keypad and the music wheel on the front are in silver instead of in gunmetal gray.

Having in mind the image was shown on the announcement day, it is highly probable that both color options will be available at the time of the launch , which is expected to happen sometime next month.

LG Chocolate 3 Specifications

source: LG



1. ROFLCOPTER. unregistered

the blue one will probably looks banging in its real form. and not in picture form. :D nice little device here.

14. sinfulta unregistered

The blue one looks great imo. I also did mention this as soon as phonearena.com posted about this phone. But nooooooooo... nobody want's to listen to sinfulta when i said this sucker was coming out in light blue.

2. unregistered

who REALLY wants a flip phone. stOOPid! i LOVE caps! WHAT?

3. unregistered

About 91 percent of all current phones sold in the US are flip style phones. So I guess there are quite a few who REALLY want a flip phone.

4. vzwemp unregistered

most people still want flip phones. I personally have never owned one (yes thats damn hard to b able to say), and have no interest in one. anyways, the C3 is going to sell really well... unlike the decoy, which i think we have sold 1 of since launch.

5. Dihce unregistered

I think that if they're going to turn it into a flip phone they should just go ahead and change the name... One of the key characteristics of the Chocolate was that it was a slider with the circle/wheel on the front.. now it's just another mindless flip phone with a wheel on it now... And the spot about 91% of phones sold are Flip... that's mainly because they haven't MADE as many sliders as they have Flips, in my store the Samsung Katalyst out-sells any of my flip phones on any given day (assuming I have stock left) but maybe that's just my store....

6. unregistered

Ever heard of the Razr?

10. unregistered

hahhaa, yea, and the Motorolla Razr sucks like no other. there is a reason why every carrier is giving them away for free, and a reason to why Motorolla is like going out of business... THEIR PHONES SUCK!

12. unregistered

isn't the whole point of being a sales person to try and sell someone a phone so if the decoy isn't selling as you would have hoped why not try doing more to make it look appealing to the customer and making the customer want to buy it.

7. unregistered

What's the point of making the Chocolate multicolored? The only colors I know chocolate come in are shades of brown and sometimes white. Anything else would taste icky :P.

8. VZW Employee unregistered

Hey it's just like when ketchup came out in those wacky different colors like the green, purple and whatever other color they made it in to attract kids to eat ketchup more i guess lOl...

9. unregistered

I had the EnV2 but returned it because it kept dialing people in my pocket, so I am really looking forward to a cool flip phone from LG

11. unregistered

yea, well maybe you should get pockets which are less tight cause it is quite hard to be calling people because you have to first unlock the keypad, then dial the number or search for them through your contacts... so you in general have issues

13. primewax unregistered

Or accidentally unlock by having the ok key pressed twice and then a single speed dial button press...not too hard to imagine actually.

15. C-Chickie unregistered

I just dont like it in a flip version.

16. unregistered

whens the us store launch for these anyoen know? or can project a general range lol. and i like the flip phone because its what im used to. I loved my razr until i got one that sucked. So now, this is what i want because its very similar( buttons and texting style) yes it is better, because its lg. so yeah its what i want.

17. unregistered

I think the new lg flip phone looks awesome! I will be getting it. and i cant wait.

18. tom smith unregistered

I also had the env2 but just about every time i had it in my pocket it would call the last number so i assume it was hitting the ok button and then the send button. The new chocolate looks ok i guess but verizon phones generally dissapoint me. Gsm gets all the good stuff.

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