Jailbroken iPhone running N64 emulator with Wiimote support

Jailbroken iPhone running N64 emulator with Wiimote support
Games that were created for consoles may have a rough transition if it’s ported over to a mobile phone. Even if the device has a QWERTY keyboard, as opposed to relying solely on a touchscreen, maneuvering through the game may prove to be more difficult – even frustrating at times. Luckily an N64 emulator costing only $2.50 for jailbroken iPhones allows you to connect a Wiimote via Bluetooth. Just by checking out the video, we can see how much easier it is trying to play a game with it as opposed to using the virtual on-screen buttons. Super Mario 64 looks so good on the iPhone as well, plus the addition of controlling him through a Wiimote makes the experience a lot more tolerable. This new emulator may give console gamers that same experience that a traditional video game console provides – but it’s even better on the iPhone thanks to its portability.

via iSmashPhone


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