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Jailbreaking BlackBerry PlayBook now officially voids warranty

Jailbreaking BlackBerry PlayBook now officially voids warranty
Some BlackBerry PlayBook owners may have heard of the DingleBerry, which is a software tool used to jailbreak the tablet. In other words, it allows the user to obtain root permissions, which grants them deeper access to the system's inner workings. Strangely, even though the controversial software has been around since late 2011, RIM has been somewhat silent on the matter.

Until today, that is: RIM has come up with a statement that outlines how the company feels about jailbreaking the tablet. First of all, jailbreaking the BlackBerry PlayBook now officially voids the manufacturer warranty, which should not come as much of a surprise. That is because when the user has root access, they put the security of their data and the stability of their device at risk. Of course, that is quite true since jailbreaking allows unofficial apps to be easily loaded onto the device, including malicious software that the user might not be aware of. Furthermore, a user with root access is free to tinker with stuff they are not supposed to have access to. That may lead to unforeseen consequences, such as ending up with a misbehaving, or even bricked tablet.

Of course, we are pretty certain that the jailbreaking community will keep on doing its thing even though RIM is not particularly happy about that. Our advice is to jailbreak your BlackBerry PlayBook only if you really know what you are doing, and only if you take precautions to secure your data.

source: RIM via Geek

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