Italy is the first European country to get Samsung OMNIA

Italy is the first European country to get Samsung OMNIA
Samsung announced that starting July 22, OMNIA will launch on the Italian market. This is the first European country to get the all-in-one multimedia-friendly smartphone, but others will follow and it will be available through major carriers as well as in open markets before the end of August.

Italians now can already pre-order the OMNIA, taking advantage of a promotion, giving them a free Xbox 360 Arcade. The unsubsidized 8GB variant will cost 499 EUR ($793), which is a pretty good price for a high-end phone, and a bargain for the same phone AND a console. Prices in other countries will vary.

Samsung OMNIA Specifications | Preview

source: Samsung



1. unregistered

See now, here we have a smart company (unlike Apple and Rogers) Samsung has been able to provide one of the 1st ever ALL in ONE Multimedia phones for a reasonable price...and it doesn't stop there they gladly hook you up with the Xbox Arcade (I'm guessing its an App.) and if its anything like the real Xbox Arcade that means you would be able to download incredible amounts of old, new, and classic arcade games. That being said I hope it comes to the states soon but we all know how slow that usually is. The only good thing about that is that we would probably get a much improved one with maybe one or two Software upgrades. :) *I've been wanting All in One Device since my 1st Candy Bar Nokia phone back in 2000

2. unregistered

Coming state-side? hopefully a CDMA version?

3. unregistered

Any sign that this phone will come to the U.S soon? Will it work in the U.S market if I buy it from Europe?

4. unregistered

It will be the real Xbox 360, so you'll need a TV :)

5. unregistered

So a company selling a phone for $800 is smarter then Apple?!?!?!? I have a hard time understanding your logic...

6. unregistered

do u know what quad band phone is? yes it will work. no CDMA version for now

7. unregistered

yes becuz for $800 u'll get working gps, 5 mpx camera, divx support, bluetooth, mms and in addition xbox 360.

8. unregistered

I'm pretty sure Apple can fill all of your needs of 5 mpx camera, divx support, Bluetooh (Bluetooth I'm guessing) for less than $800. So I think Samsung is not smarter than Apple.

9. primewax unregistered

What are you looking at that has a 5 mpx camera? Not the iPhone, that's for sure.

10. unregistered

Take your Apple is god crap and shove it in some other forum......can anyone talk about any quality phone in here without mentioning the crApple?

14. unregistered

Thats an unsubsidized price if you would have read the article genius, The iphone is 600 unsubsidized

15. unregistered

Pretty sure the first person to post brought it up, if someone replys with a comment it seems only logical moron

18. unregistered

REALLY??? no way you are getting an Xbox 360 with a phone Damn thats like going to the Apple store and buying an Iphone and they give you a bad that will never happen lol......actually thank god that'll never happen HAHAHAHAHAHA ***AND BY THE WAY I WAS THE ONE WHO POSTED THE 1ST COMMENT THIS MORNING AND I DIDNT EVEN PUT DOWN THE IPHONE ALL I SAID was THAT THE COMPANY IS NOT BEING SMART WITH THE OTHER COMPANIES.....i mean come on guys its clear that Apple is on some EGotistical Power trip ever since they sold all those Ipods back in the had problems with VZW, and Rogers whats next maybe a Recall for the 3G...oh man the world would be upside down

19. unregistered

and before i go, i said "IT IS LIKE GETTING A FREE COMPUTER" just in case all the apple lovers want to come over here and fill this thread with useless information about apples computers....we already waste enough time on the Damn Iphone

24. unregistered

There are talks of tis coming to The US under ATT. I just hope all the features make it as well. The article I read says some time late 3r quarter.

35. unregistered

and for the iphone worshipper...FYI, the iphone DOES NOT support divx without conversion...we are talking about a media-capable phone WITHOUT conversion (to my knowledge) meaning that it has built in codecs...which is AWESOME =) AND it has a 5mp camera which the iphone DOES NOT have...iphone has a 2mp camera without FLASH...not to mention that in this day and age the iphone doesn't even support expandable memory whereas the omnia supports SDHC memory cards...all in all, the omnia lives up to its name and is MUCH better than the iphone...

11. blq unregistered

Omnia: it's not SMARTPHONE. it's POCKET PC. Smartphones have no touchscreen.... correct it, cause it so LAME.

13. A unregistered


20. unregistered

Pocket PC = touchscreen SMartphone = no touchscreen BLQ is correct

21. unregistered

omg I am sure you haven't heard of Windows Mobile 6 Professional and Standard editions ...

28. unregistered

good to know

12. unregistered

crAPPLE...HAHAH i love it... now, on my way to the apple store to just stand in there and not really buy anything...isnt that the cool thing to do?

16. jrcrow unregistered

i mexcited..cant wait for it, but anything waiting for why GSM phones are easier to distribute due to more demand..less complexity when manufactured.

17. Dazzle unregistered

Xbox Arcade ~280$ so this awesome phone will cost about 500 bucks. Jesus, that's... cheap, even cheaper than retail iphone. Oh my, oh my i'll take this one for sure

22. bajamal unregistered

when will the samsung i900 omnia will be released in pther countries in asia like dubai ? is it soon this week after italy?

23. bajamal unregistered

the htc diomond is quiet good in competition to omnia but it has a small problem, it is the 4gb memory and no external memory and also the 3.2 camera and last thing it doesn't have arabic language . that wouldn't help me because i use it in sms. does the omnia has differernt languages like arabic . tha iphone has a problem called the bluetooth . thaank uu

25. EN unregistered

I think it's kind of sad how everyone is bagging on the iPhone. Give it a rest guys. This has been going on for over a year now. I'm really annoyed at how immature people can be. The iPhone is a good phone.who said that there can't be more than 1 good phone. Let's try to focus on the omnia and not on apple or crapple.

26. unregistered

yeah I agree. It's almost like all the lg, motorola, samsung, htc, nokia, blackberry, etc, users are all banning together against the iPhone. It use to be a war against each and every carrier. Not anymore. Nobody is making names about the instinct or the dare. The voyager or vu had no names either. But iPhone has icrap, crapple, ijunk, iDont Care, and much more.

27. unregistered

I would have felt bad for apple's iPhone and all the negatve attention they are receiving If they weren't so successful. It's probably one of the best selling cell phones even considering the fact that iris missing so many elementary features. I'm pretty sure that is is receiving a lot more positive than negative

30. bajamal unregistered

at what now we should notice about new phones beside the shape,camera,mp3 player. thank you for your dislikeness of iphone . the iphone problem is the bluetooth . the bluetooth really helps to communicate with people you don't know ,it also makes share things with your frinds that is on your that they don't have it !!!!!! i don't know how to say about iphone a3g , i first was expecting that the iphone 3g will contain a bluetooth service like others and then i changed my opponion to omnia. really i like samsung.

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