It was another tough month for HTC in May

Despite offering a flagship phone that has captured the imagination of many, HTC continues to suffer from marketing issues that are pushing sales down. We have rarely seen the amount of pre-release hype for any non Apple smartphone like we witnessed this year with the HTC One (M8). Yet, the manufacturer was not able to maintain this level of interest once the phone was released...
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1. ajac09

Posts: 1482; Member since: Sep 30, 2009

The oldman ad is annoying and a sign of what people think of the m8...

31. engineer-1701d unregistered

Gwhat did they expect with a 4 mp camera and a second to make it tall as f ill get the e8

32. mmmanuuu

Posts: 403; Member since: Nov 05, 2013

Htc has got many problems. First of all, their name sucks. Htconem8 sounds weird. They had many phones with the tag HTC ONE. Huge bezels Ultra crappy camera Pricing Htc got to replace their marketing department and hire a new team. Is it that hard for them to understand these?

2. district11

Posts: 126; Member since: Apr 17, 2011

Nice design is not enough.


Posts: 399; Member since: Nov 09, 2013

But it's not just nice. Its beeeaaauttttiiiifullllll!!!!!!

25. cncrim

Posts: 1588; Member since: Aug 15, 2011

Beeeeeaaaufulll is not enough, it need to be a more complete package. The camera, that bezel need to minimum, bigger battery. Addition, sound crazy but battery need to be easy to be replace. In US, we don't care bc we upgrade all the time since carrier subsidy the phone but not like that else where on planet.

28. kryme

Posts: 469; Member since: Oct 24, 2013

samsung kno that not everybody care about built material.. most person wnts to kno what can the phone do....front stereo speakers nahh i have earphone... 4mp cam....seriously... in tmobile the sales dude said the s5 have 4x the cam on the m8.... thats how the public view it.... and the heart monitor on the s5 is a plus... most ppl didnt kno and still dont kno that almost every phone can do that.... so m8 had no chance

41. joey_sfb

Posts: 6794; Member since: Mar 29, 2012

General public still want a cake and eat it. Samsung is the only brand with micro SD slot and removable battery. I know I chose Samsung because of it.

3. PowTheBowl

Posts: 86; Member since: Apr 19, 2012

The M8 is a great phone, the camera is just a letdown...

54. biophone

Posts: 1994; Member since: Jun 15, 2011

Love my m8 camera. Megapixels doesn't equal quality.

4. draconic1991

Posts: 200; Member since: Apr 27, 2012

Nothing is gonna happen for them until they lower their prices....they have to realise that they are not doing even remotely as gud as samsung...and still in india m8 costs 25% more than s5...agreed its metal and what not...but they're losing market share and money....might as well make up one...learn from motorola

13. sid07desai

Posts: 290; Member since: May 03, 2012

You are totally right. How many people are there who can spend 48k (800$)? Indian market is for mid-range phones. I think if HTC sold the One m8 at the price of One m7 which is north of 35k (580$) people would atleast consider it.

24. rkaahean

Posts: 6; Member since: Mar 23, 2014

To be fair, S5 was launched at 51k, while M8 was launched much later, at 50k. The S5 is now 40k, while M8 is 45k. (lowest prices.)

5. tiara6918

Posts: 2263; Member since: Apr 26, 2012

Just advertise their phones more and they'll get tons of more loyal customers

7. alex88ucv

Posts: 36; Member since: Mar 05, 2014

Huge bottom bezel and crappy, Lumia 930 it is for me

48. jojon

Posts: 433; Member since: Feb 11, 2014

yep, that's it right there..

8. Fuego84

Posts: 357; Member since: May 13, 2012

Yeah the m8 was the most hype phone this year until the info of the camera was revealed to be the same 4 ultra pixel camera. It breaking factor for a lot of customers who prefer better detailed photos instead of better low light photos.

9. BaffledTruffle

Posts: 523; Member since: Dec 07, 2013

Everything was good about the M8 except its camera. Its build quality, design, display, software... everything was flagship grade except for that low res camera. The duo-camera was not as promising as what the competition has brought for their camera department. I'm sorry HTC, you should've learned your lesson from last year. I'm pretty sure everyone could've swallowed the price and its size but not the camera.

10. sarb009

Posts: 322; Member since: Jun 15, 2011

Ultra loss

11. Slammer

Posts: 1515; Member since: Jun 03, 2010

Lesson here? Listen to what were your diehard fans or face the consequences. No removable battery or SDCard equals defection. Many of us left for Samsung and now LG is stepping to the plate. Watch and listen. It helps in maintaining a healthy business. Expandable memeory wasn't enough. John B.

17. BattleBrat

Posts: 1476; Member since: Oct 26, 2011

The M8 has an SD slot, and yes it is enough. have you even used one? Where they didn't listen was on the camera and that's what is costing them.

26. Slammer

Posts: 1515; Member since: Jun 03, 2010

I used HTCs faithfully for 7 years. Once they eliminated removable batteries, many as myself, spoke up and complained about it. If you trend the breakdown, this is when HTC started its decline in customers and sales. It is not coincidence nor is it just marketing. HTC tried to follow Apple not realizing that if its followers wanted an Apple product, we would've purchased an Apple product. adding in a memory card slot this time around isn't enough. Sorry. Most HTC users were seasoned cell phone users that have supported the removable battery practice. It just makes sense. Batteries fail and I tire of hearing the argument that "batteries last longer on a charge." There is simply much more than duration. There is on the road battery swapping, maintenance checks, very limited time for going to a service center just for a battery issue. Having to spend far more money in replacing a perfectly good device just for a battery. There are more things on the list as well. Where the rubber meets the pavement, is consumer ease of replacing a known, commonly failed component. If the battery is degrading and not lasting a whole duration, there is a problem and it needs to be looked at for possible swelling. If a sealed battery swells, rather than popping the cover off, it can exert pressure on the mother board causing far more damage. My experience plays the most important aspect in demanding this simple yet logical reasoning. The battery is the most failed component in your device. It should be recognized as such. Do you want to replace your TV remote just because you can't get to the batteries? Stereo remote? I'm trying to help litigate consumer balance, not put it all in the hands of device manufacturers. People need to realize the money carriers and manufacturers are making by forcing consumers into a service center just for a simple battery problem. Narrow minded reasoning is costing you dollars my friend. Even if you have had no problems, you are still paying for this indirectly. Also, would you not carry a spare tire just because you never had a flat? You have a 40% percent chance of having a failed battery issue regardless of no failure before. Stop making excuses for the manufacturers and their plight to market pretty things at the expense of customer advocacy. It's not doing you or the wireless consumer any favors. Samsung is making a killing and LG will be the next one with this simple practice of accessibility to the battery. So yes, it is far more than just an SD Slot. John B.

43. BattleBrat

Posts: 1476; Member since: Oct 26, 2011

You know, on my RAZR, I had the battery replaced, and it has a "non removable" battery, iPhone s can have their b battery changed to. It doesn't kill the device

44. iushnt

Posts: 3105; Member since: Feb 06, 2013

I also had iPhone 3gs and HTC One X.. Both these devices were turnoff to me because of the unremovable battery. My iPhone 3Gs's battery started to swollen and I couldn't remove it that night, by morning it was big enough to crack the screen. My HTC One X was dropped in a bucket of water I took it out but couldn't remove the battery immediately to prevent short circuits ..the phone couldnt be repaired.. yes removable battery is important for many consumers and I am one of them..

56. Slammer

Posts: 1515; Member since: Jun 03, 2010

How many mainstream users are going to attempt to replace a non-removable battery on their own? I'll give you a clue; Not many. You having to replace your battery just validates my point that it should be far easier to replace than sealing it. Cost effective. Swap and move on. Simple as that. Perhaps you have all the time in the world to visit service centers for every little thing. I don't. And many of my colleagues don't either. Let us be in control of such a simple proceedure. I can find far better things to spend extra money on rather than handing it over to someone else to do what I should be able to do. Again, quit trying to support what the manufacturers are doing to build revenue off something you should be able to do yourself. I'm here to look out for consumer advocacy. Are you not a consumer? John B.

49. jojon

Posts: 433; Member since: Feb 11, 2014

Excellent post "slammer", i have a whole new attitude to replaceable batteries now

12. drazwy

Posts: 355; Member since: Jan 15, 2014

I would have bought one if it has a decent camera. They screwed up big time with the camera. It was why i got rid of my M7. I'm not going to an M8 with the same camera.

14. AfterDark

Posts: 4; Member since: Mar 31, 2014

Aside from the camera it is overprice.

16. drazwy

Posts: 355; Member since: Jan 15, 2014

being on the jump program with t-mobile i don't really worry about the price anymore, unless i want to buy a phone they aren't offering.

18. drazwy

Posts: 355; Member since: Jan 15, 2014

Didn't really know th price so I looked it up. From T-mobile, purchase outright is 636. It's cheaper than the S5, Iphone 5s, Note 3. Seems inline with other flagships. Just a crap camera that makes it not worth the price. lol
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