Is your BlackBerry wonky? Find out using the BlackBerry Device Self Test Application

Is your BlackBerry wonky? Find out using the BlackBerry Device Self Test Application
BlackBerry devices have a built in "Device Self Test Application" which is accessible from the home screen by selecting "Options", "Status", then typing in "test".

On a BlackBerry Bold, the application allows you to test a whole variety of items, including the keyboard, LED status lights, and for dead pixels.

While it was reported that information about the test was available courtesy of a Knowledge Base article at the BlackBerry Technical Solution Center (link), the link gave us an error message at the time this article was first published.

Use the application with caution! We've tried quite a few of the tests without any apparent ill-effect, but the application does not appear to be intended for use by end users.




1. Sandruchuk unregistered

This is pretty sweet! Found out that what I thought was two dead pixels really weren't. Now I just have to figure out what they are. That, and that my speaker phone can't play the 400hz freq.

2. jrcrow unregistered more bb's 4 me..3 replacements were enough..LG Vu..heaven in a slim shirt pocket phone!

3. unregistered

That's like comparing a Ferrari to a Subaru . . . . . two completely different phones.

4. LG Vu>BBERRY....NOT! lol unregistered

3 replacements?? sounds like an end-user error to me, not a device error....

5. berrry unregistered

or really really bad luck :))

6. some guy unregistered

Or they are one of those billion customers that if their phone hiccups once they think they world is caving in

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