Is AT&T overcharging its iPhone and iPad subscribers?

Uh oh, it looks like AT&T might be in big trouble now. Just recently, an independent investigation took a closer look at the way the nation's carriers were charging their customers for data usage, and the results did not look very bright for AT&T...
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20. Brad unregistered

GOOD! Stick it to em. I you can afford an iPhone, then you can afford higher usage fees. It's like owning a sports car. If you can afford it, then don't complain about the gas prices/mileage. HA. I said it.

25. iwebdroidberry7

Posts: 230; Member since: Jan 17, 2011

Are you serious?

32. SavageLucy42

Posts: 211; Member since: Mar 24, 2011

There are more expensive phones than the iPhone...

38. Brad unregistered

YES...i'm kidding!

21. likeag6 unregistered

Hey all u guys on att complaining Verizon is the same idk why u all complaining about att. I got a Verizon iPhone. And its the same thing only that I never get messages saying I used too much data. I got an unlimited data plan for 29.99 bucks. Unlimited messaging for 20 and the cheapest calling plan the one for 39.99 and somehow I always end up paying 140-160 for 1 freaking phone. o_O it seriously pisses me off cuz I never ever go over my minutes cuz I never talk. And on my bill they always charge me sum premium services for 9.99 which I have no idea what they are I never buy ringtones or anything like that everytime I go complain to the store to tell them why my bill is so expensive they never really kno what to tell me.I'm looking to change to something cheaper. The only reason I got Verizon was cuz supposedly reception was the best bullshit I get no service in my house in La while my girlfriends crappy metro pcs phone without a camera has full bars. So yea sprint or maybe even boost is looking pretty good right now cuz I'm tired of getting ripped off by Verizon

23. nb2six

Posts: 298; Member since: Apr 27, 2011

first off you went with a device on verizon that has been known to have antenna issues in the past. I don't care if it is the cdma version, i think that metal has something to do with poor reception JMT..secondly you might check into seeing if you may have been had by one of those premium messaging scams that was talked about a couple of months ago. I know alot of people who were affected and had no idea that they had "subscribed" to them. That was a big issue verizon was taking initative to combat.

55. taco50

Posts: 5506; Member since: Oct 08, 2009

Have you tried reading your bill. It tells you what you're charged for.

24. likeag6 unregistered

@nb26 thanks ill check into that. But I also forgot to mention that my girlfriend had a droid x and she never got reception in my house that's why she switched to metro pcs. Maybe I live in a bad Verizon area? idk ill also have to check into that thanks for ur answer

26. nb2six

Posts: 298; Member since: Apr 27, 2011

no prob happy to try and help lol

29. kcombs

Posts: 275; Member since: Dec 15, 2010

easy explanation, when you use data on your phone for anything it does not show in real time. so at the end of the day, say 12-2 am the system closes the data that has been used all day, then shows in the billing system (its the same for calls and texts). I work for a At&t call center this is a very common call we get, fact is people use more data then they think they are and when they check the usage they say oh it's fine, truth is it has not shown the usage you have done through out the day.

30. downphoenix

Posts: 3165; Member since: Jun 19, 2010

the correct answer to the question is "Yes".

31. nickie me unregistered

I was recently charged for a mistake a t-mobile rep made the rep gave me wrong information about the international plan they have going on and I ended up paying almost $600.00 to t-mobile because of that and when I told other reps what had happened they talked to me as if I was lying had the rep giving the correct info I would have been happy to pay it but because I knew that I was told I would b charged 7 cent a minute and not 26 cent per minute I feel like I was taken advantage of ... im saying my thing is if I was going to lie I would have denied the calls to Germany all together but I admitted to the calls if I didnt need my phone I would have cancelled my services but being that my husband is in the Army I need a phone @ all times .

33. therygy

Posts: 94; Member since: May 24, 2010

Yes! I found out that AT&T was overcharging me a couple months ago! I realized this when It said that I was getting charged for data use in the middle of the night whille i was asleep and when I was on wifi... The data logs showed that I was using data at the same time every night and it every month it ranges from an extra 5-15 gigabytes of data that I never used. This happened to me my mom and my sister who all had iPhones also. I made several trips to the AT&T store and the apple store. AT&T first told me that it was my apps running in the background and sent me to apple.. Apple told me to delete all the apps so I then restored my phone, and it kept happening. The next thing I did was turn "cellular data" off and it stopped.. But then what was the point in the iPhone. I ended up going back to apple and they gave me a new iPhone with no apps or anything.. And it still happened.. Sam with my moms and sisters. AT&Ts explanation for this was that our iPhones would go to "sleep" and wifi would get turned of to "save power" and once it started using data again wifi would get "turned back on". Eventually I just gave up and if I ever go over my gigabytes I will blame that.

46. kcombs

Posts: 275; Member since: Dec 15, 2010

when you lock your iPhone the WiFi does turn off, only when the phone is unlocked it will turn the WiFi back on.

34. Socalvenom unregistered

I just bought my new Iphone and left Sprint since the reception was leaving me hanging in some parts of LA and so far I haven't dealt with any of the bullshit from At&t I usually have great reception my phone and Im always connected to my wifi when I'm home and only use my data when I'm out and about, but if I start experiencing any fluctuation of data lose I'd jump on that law suit so fast. Mama didn't raise no fool and I'm sure as well not going to keep complaining to the customer service reps over a theft that the company feels like doing just for fun. Well not with my hard earned money they won't

36. SMARTGUY unregistered

There is not one company that dnt overcharge ppl. The price of phone bill is a joke this day n age.

42. Daryl209

Posts: 18; Member since: Jul 27, 2010

When I was a Customer Service Rep for AT&T, I saw this all the time. Data usage in the we hours of the night. It was mostly iPhones though. AT&T are just Data Nazis. I feel horrible for T-Mobile.

43. ja$on unregistered

i have an iphone 4 and its jailbroken and all that good stuff. no issues at all. Just talked my gf into getting one. the rest of that day we were at home on wifi. the nex day she watched a netflix movie on it at work :) and right after it was over she got the 60% usage txt from ATT. she was on the 2gb plan and I looked at her acct online and she had used 1.6gb watching that one movie!!!! thats 1600mb's for you that dont know. so the same night i let the same netflix movie play on mine and it only used 300mb, not 1300, 300. Whats with the varience in usage?!?! I dont get it. One thing I will tell all of you. If you want unlimited data from att, there is a way. not gonna tell you how, so i dont ruin it, but i was able to get it on my gf's and she just activated her plan this month.

44. clevername

Posts: 1436; Member since: Jul 11, 2008

Its odd that att blamed, among other things, automatic app updates. Apps on IOS don't automatically update. You have to manually update.

47. kcombs

Posts: 275; Member since: Dec 15, 2010

not the one's from apple, all preloaded apps on the iPhone get updated over the air.

45. TKFox007

Posts: 303; Member since: Nov 02, 2010

AT&T always has these shady business practices, like when a customer asks for something like text messaging and the person doesn't add it and not removing the charges when it was clearly their fault that the customer got the charges because they didn't give the customer what they requested. I work for Verizon and when something is our fault we own up to it and fix it. Verizon beats it into our head that if a customer has a problem, it's our problem as well and we do what we can to make the customer happy to fix this problem. I'm not saying that Verizon isn't without shady business practices, it's just that AT&T doesn't hide it as well as Verizon.

51. ATTCallCenter unregistered

ATT's answer: AT&T Data Charges: Proposed messages regarding TODAY Show story! TO: NSSC Representatives and Managers Recently, a morning news program ran a story regarding a class action lawsuit alleging that AT&T is over-billing customers for data activity. The story alleged that the data activity is occurring in the middle of the night when customers are asleep. AT&T is vigorously defending itself against the claim and will continue to help customers understand how data activity is processed and billed. Proposed messages for call center / COR regarding TODAY Show story on AT&T Data Charges AT&T does not overbill for data usage and our terms of service explain our billing policy. · The story that recently ran on the TODAY Show included false claims about our billing practices. · I can assure you the claims made in the story are false. All data a customer sends or receives is properly applied to a customer’s data plan. This includes data activity you may initiate and also data activity that runs in the background on your device. Let me give you some examples. · Customers are charged for all data sent or received. In most cases, this means the data that is needed to complete activity such as emailing, downloading applications, browsing the web, downloading a video or streaming music. · However, this can also include data activity that is programmed to run in the background on your device, such as real-time updates to your applications – like weather updates, sports scores, or your stock ticker – which are regularly kept up to date so you have the latest information. · The same applies to email as it’s pushed to your inbox in real-time or updates that come through to your social media applications, like Facebook. You can turn push notifications “off” if you’d like – I can walk you through how to do that (see MyCSP). There is no such thing as “phantom data.” · The data usage on your bill reflects all the data you use during the time that your smartphone is connected to the network. · AT&T captures your data activity nightly to create a bill record in our systems. This will appear on your bill to be a late night “charge,” but in fact, the time stamp reflects the time that your device established a connection to the network, not the time that you sent or received data. Accurate and transparent billing is a priority for us. Let me walk you through some tools we’ve created to help you manage your data usage. · Refer customer Web site and our data calculator. Help customer review their data usage history.

56. iphoneuser unregistered

Yea I got my Iphone 4 two weeks ago and on the third day it already told me that i had used up 90% of it when i only used safari for an hour at night both of the first two nights. I surf on the web for an hour as well as listen to the radio using TuneIn Radio app as well as using Microsoft OneNote and Notes. Should I worry my bill cycle ends in 11 days.
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