Instinct gets demoed on video again

Instinct gets demoed on video again
With the launch of the Instinct just two weeks off, things are starting to heat up. The latest look comes from Sprint directly; they have posted five videos on YouTube, walking through various aspects of the phone. There isn't much new stuff here, but one great feature is the Live Search feature, currently available on many Sprint phones. It now seems to be integrated with Sprint Navigation, making finding businesses and getting directions easier than ever. To get your Instinct fix, hit the link for all five videos.

source: Sprint



1. Laruku Jr. unregistered

Wow!! I wonder whether this model will available in Thailand.

2. Christopher Cox unregistered

When will device manufacturers get it? The thing that makes iPhone stand out is its capacitive touch screen, which is much better suited for finger navigation. Why do these idiot manufacturers keep using pressure sensitive screens, which have much better precision with a stylus, and not include a stylus? The Voyager was good, but after using it for 2 weeks it got frustrating because the touch screen does not easily allow you to do things like touch type 49+ words per minute, like is very possible on the iPhone because the screen is much more responsive. The only way to make a real iPhone killer is to build a device just like this with a capacitive touch screen, not a pressure sensitive one that is less sensitive.

10. S unregistered

I know exactly wat ur talking about I have the Rokr E6 which has a very high sensitive touch screen because it uses a stylus, I had a chance to use one of my friends samsung glyde. Honestly I was not impressed the touchscreen is so annyoing because it based on the pressure of ur touch.

11. Hola unregistered

That's where both of ou are wrong. It depends on how they make the screen. The Samsung Glyde uses capacative technology just like the iphone and many people complain that it's even worth than the LG Voyager's touch screen. LG's first touch screen phone came out before the iphone called the LG Prada. It used a capacative screen but people complained about their fingures hirting because they can't use their nails and they can't use a stylus. So the update is the LG Viewty and many people say its very responsive! So it doesn't matter on the technology. The worst responsive touch screen phone uses what you guys say Capacative technology. You are no smart S. Also pressure sensitive is more cheap, so it is a economical aspect. Also, people complain that the Iphone lacks physical keys and the voyager makes their problem up with tactile keys.

33. s unregistered

You make a good point. I was just saying from experiance I got to use qiute a few touch screen phones with a styles and with out it just seems to me the ones that use stylus are respinsive. And you were right about it does matter how they make the screen to

3. Christopher Cox unregistered

This device looks awesome! And would surely be a true competitor to iPhone if it only had a finger responsive capacitive touch screen. Do they do this (not include one) to save money?

26. Thunder18 unregistered

It's a trade-off. Try dialing an iPhone with a glove on. May not seem important unless you live somewhere with real winters.

4. unregistered

Sprint still doesn't have a chance. They are just too bad.

16. unregistered

Sprint provides the best plans on the fastest network. Last time I checked AT&T network was slow as crap.

18. unregistered

27. Thunder18 unregistered

AT&T may be fast, too bad they have that 5GB download limit... I guess you'll just hit the cap real fast while you can keep downloading on Sprint to your heart's content.

31. unregistered

Until Sprint imposes their 5GB cap later this month/next month.

36. jhumphrey79

Posts: 2; Member since: Apr 16, 2008

No. They're right. Sprint definitely sux bags.

41. Thunder18 unregistered

Sprint's limit will be pretty soft and only applies to Data cards and phone as modem service. It does not apply to phones with Vision/Power vision plans. Also, you have to exceed the cap 2 out of 3 consecutive months in order to get in trouble.

5. anonymous

Posts: 6; Member since: Jun 05, 2008

it sucks to see a good phone like that go to waste with a carrier like sprint

15. anonymous1 unregistered

I've been with Sprint now for about 8 years. They are fantastic! I've never had a problem, nor have I ever had any cell outages or problems with coverage areas. In fact, I have cell signal when my friends don't. :-)

34. unregistered

Well obviously you are one of the lucky ones, unlike the other 1.2 millions customers who decided to leave sprint last quarter. And if you have signal when your friends don't, is that because you guys are camping in the middle of nowhere where Sprint has the higher coverage, or just because you're friends have crappy service with T-Mobile or a prepaid service?

37. jhumphrey79

Posts: 2; Member since: Apr 16, 2008

You, sir, are an anomoly. I live within minutes of the World Headquarters and that's the WORST place for coverage. If you ever have a tecchnical question, commit several days to fucking with those idiots on the phone. At least lately, they've brought all phone support back to the states. Theuy proudly announce the midwest city in which they work when they answer the phone.

6. unregistered

Well i just looked at the video and the release date of June 20th now looks official...

7. sprint chick unregistered

a carrier like sprint really...sprint hands down is the bset cell provider in the country

21. unregistered

Go to JD Power & Associate website... VZW #1, T-Mobile (Don't ask how) # 2, Sprint # 3 & ATT # 4 .... Do your research bud. Sprint is far from # 1. Tis is for 2008 by the way

28. unregistered

um hello? how is sprint far from number one? sprint is number THREE. do you know how to count? one, two, THREE. sprint is only two numbers down. thats not far. learn your counting "bud"; this is common sense, by the way.

8. unregistered

best provider? according to who? your local sprint rep?

9. unregistered

sprint is the best cell provider with the best plans the best coverage. im tired of these fanboys. if youre happy where you are then stay there and leave sprint alone already. idiots

22. unregistered

Read # 22....

12. unregistered

Love sprint and will love this phone :-)

13. unregistered

We have gotten a demo in the our store and I am very impressed with this device, I have worked for sprint for 6 years and this is the most excited ive been about a device that WILL live up to the hype.

14. unregistered

too bad you have to activate a everything plan starting at $70 a month. wont work with my sero plan. this might please current sprint customers but i cant see people leaving other carriers for this phone.

24. unregistered

It's too bad they force you to buy "an everything" plan when you buy this phone. I wanted to buy it with my present plan, but Sprint said NO.

17. unregistered

Description SKU Launch Date LG LX400 HPPTT Dark Red Handset Kit LG400RKIT 6/15/08 Franklin Wireless Sprint Mbb Usb Modem FWU680DORA 6/15/08 Samsung M800 Handset Kit - Instinct SPHM800ZKS 6/20/08 Rim Blckberry Curve 8330 Red Handset Kit SP8330RIMR 7/13/08 Palm Treo 800W Evdo Hanset Kit PTR800HK 7/13/08 LG LX260 Blue Messaging Device Hndst Kit LG260BUKIT 7/27/08 Refresh Novatel EX720 Express NVEX720DRA 8/17/08 Refresh Sierra AC595DRA SWAC595DRA 8/17/08

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