Information on upcoming Verizon phones

We've received information on Verizon Wireless's new phones, including the Touch Diamond and Raphael …
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88. whatever Iphone unregistered

I am just giddy waiting for the HTC touch pro to land on the US shores!!! When is it coming? How much? No Xmas gifts this year...I'm getting this phone. I thought this phone would be usable on any of the service is with ATT, but I'm planning to buy this unlocked. Tired of the slave chains to a carrier. I anxiously await the arrival...

89. unregistered

anyone know the pricing or day of release for this phone? also for people with experience, would texting be a pain with the diamond? cause i'd like to keep the phone on the small side, but if txting will be a bitch i might have to get the pro

90. unregistered

would they change anything if they were to make it for verizon? because for that canadian cell company they had taken out the cmos camera in the front, they didn't give it that "diamond" back with the new battery they added, would verizon get the phone like that too, different shapes or maybe even cripple the phone by taking away certain features?

92. Zach21330 unregistered

I'm like a lot of other folks waiting for a smart solid touchscreen phone on VZ. Touch Diamond looks to be the winner. Has anyone seen anything or heard anything around a release date on VZ? I want the phone and i want to stay on VZ but none of the phones they currently offer cut it in my opinion that are touchscreen. I was waiting for the Dare unti i found out it was a "dumb" phone. Tks for any info.

93. unregistered

still no gsm features. useless! i'm thinking about switching to Tmobile, after 10 years with verizon. it's a shame. Peace. Mr. Jigolo $0.99/month for hosting? hell ya!

94. unregistered

i still have my 9900 in "classic silver"

96. unregistered

when is the diamond coming outt?
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