Information on upcoming Verizon phones

We've received information on Verizon Wireless's new phones, including the Touch Diamond and Raphael …
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32. unregistered

Am I the only one who sees many comments deleted that aren't off-base??? I can understand with profanity and such, but over the weeks I've seen comments deleted and have no clue why....

33. unregistered

The Touch Diamond, and especially the Samsung I900 Omnia both blow away the iPhone. As a Verizon customer, I'm overjoyed to hear that the Touch Diamond is coming. I would be even more overjoyed if the Omnia were coming to Verizon as well. One can only hope that Verizon doesn't dummy-down the phone's capabilities. I was already saving for the Diamond in the hope that it would become available. My prayer has been answered. Now, my "new Every Two" is looking real good.

38. sprintrocks_my_sox unregistered

dude dont get your hopes up, you might be spending your whole life waiting for that touch diamond i think the phones cool as well, but a release date seems way to far along, i mean it could tak another two years for them to get it, who knows.Cant wait till it gets to Sprint wimax though!

47. unregistered

i really dont think two years will be the wait. especially with the info being leaked really early and with the cdma version of the touch pro going through the fcc. woot for sprint and verizon customers (im anit att and iphone) so im waiting for the touch pro, and what do you know i dont have to commit murder to get it

50. unregistered

The samsung omina is isn't out yet!!! You can't really tell how good its going to be.

34. unregistered

For all the crap that we give the IPhone, without it we probably wouldn't see phones like the Diamond. I personally don't want an IPhone, but am happy that it came out. It has pushed manufacturers like Samsung, LG and HTC to step up their games and offer better products. I was looking at a Dare, but now I will wait.

63. unregistered

word to this comment, good point. i too am also waiting for the touch pro or diamond, pro first

80. unregistered

I'm not so sure about that. HTC released the original Touch device in Europe before the iPhone was released and the Diamond is an updated, sleeker Touch device. I will agree that devices like the Dare, the Instinct and the Voyager were all innovative responses to the iPhone, but I think the Diamond would have been released even without the iPhone as it is an improvement on a design that HTC had already created. If anything, the iPhone just pushed HTC to move quicker with the device instead of taking their sweet time like they typically do designing new devices. I also think most people are forgetting the Android phone that Google is working on with manufacturers. My only question is that when Google releases the Android UI and the first device is created, when Apple releases it's 3rd iPhone with Android included, do I get to blast message boards about how the almighty Apple is copying the first Android device?

41. unregistered

I was just about to order the Dare today, but change my mind. Should I wait for the bb thunder or the diamond

43. unregistered

The diamond and touch pro are probably going to be released months after sprint. Verizon sucks anyway.

46. unregistered

I second that!!!!

58. unregistered

I baited a sprint customer. THESE PHONES WILL BE OUT BY THE END OF THE YEAR!!!

51. unregistered

why does everyone keep on mentioning the prada. It came out in Europe for goodness sake. WE'RE IN AMERICA!! Its funny how everyone is always attacking the iphone. I think this phone is one of the phone's with the most attention. A survey was done by apple and they said that 1 in 3 people who were planning on buying a new phone were going to buy the apple. I mean seriously, they are sending the iphone in over 70 countries by the end of this year. What other phone in the U.S. can say that? What other phone in the WORLD can say that? And the iphone has done two extrodinary things. It has caused carriers to come out with strong devices and there are more touch screens in U.S. Secondly, the prices of phoens are lowered to compete witht the iphone. The dare would not have been $199 if the iphone costed $399. The instinct would not have been $129 either.

54. unregistered

We live in the third world country of cellphone world. My friend who just visited from Indonesia (every heard of it?), wanted to video call her bf, and she was so surprised that we don't have that technology here. iPhone is all about interface, it makes it easier than ever to use a phone, from a 5 yo to a 90 yo. But when it comes to global phone distribution, Apple still cannot compete with global name, such as Nokia or Sony Ericsson. iPhone is fancy and beautiful, but it is not feature packed phone. If you go overseas (Europe, Asia, Middle East), you will be surprised to see in the meetings almost none of your counterparts using iPhone. Most of them are using either HTCs, Blackberrys or Nokias.

62. unregistered

"iphone in over 70 countries " the bb thunder will have that happen with vondorf and VW together. and they will have it in canada to. something that apple could not

67. Celz unregistered

Everyone mentions the iphone like its the gold standard and its not. Thats why we bring it up. All these apple fanboys act like its perfect. There isn't a cell phone thats even close. The iphone is beatiful, easy to use, and plays your old media great. It is TERRIBLE AT ANYTHING ELSE PERIOD. PERIOD. PERIOD. Stop pretending it can compete with a windows, palm, or symbian. Technically the iphone IS NOT A SMART PHONE.. Its a great dumb phone that can be hacked into a good one. But the 3G probably wont be so hackable at first at least. Video recording, instant messaging, cut and paste, stereo bluetooth, cam resolution change, cam flash, MMS, OTA music downloads, TV/Video service, removable battery are all standard on any phone that wants to be a smart phone you probably have to at least 7 or 8 out of the ten. The iphone has none. It is still revolutionary and a great phone but I can do things on my almost three year old samsung that the iphone will not be able to do. So i know alot of people will like the iphone better but in my opinion I like the mogul alot better. And the touch pro will be even better than that.

77. unregistered

"I mean seriously, they are sending the iphone in over 70 countries by the end of this year. What other phone in the U.S. can say that? What other phone in the WORLD can say that?" How about the motorola RAZR, the pinnacle of mobile phone technology?

84. unregistered

the iphone is going to canada

59. unregistered

Where is everyone getting the diamond for VZ the UT starcom TXT 8010 is a get it now basic phone,, dont believe me go to UT starcoms website and look for yourselves. its an odd looking phone and is nothing close to htc diamond or Touch pro.

60. unregistered

Half of you people make fun of the iPhone and the other half make fun of everything else escept the iPhone. How about this.....IF YOU DON'T LIKE A PARTICULAR PHONE....DON'T COMMENT ON IT?

69. unregistered

when are the diamond and the raphael coming out for sprint, or is verizon getting them at the same time and does anyone have inside info on the thunder?

70. wuzzowozzo unregistered

i like buttons on my phone personally... easier to text while driving! HAHA jk... but seriously its faster for me in general. i have a dare but i kinda miss my chocolate. buttons just feel better for me!

71. unregistered

Beside Trevor being annoying he is not smart either. LOL What he does not know is that that HTC Touch came out well before the iphone and the iphone technology is a copy of the HTC Touch technology. If trevor wants an original he needs to go with the HTC product.

95. unregistered

Fact check. 1993. Apple Newton. Read: End of story. Who copied whose technology, and why does it even matter?

73. SoloVZW unregistered

I hope they have fixed all the flaws that were present in the 6800 and 6900.... Ive owned them both and Ive had nothing but problems. I called and screamed forever at VZW but i realized its not their fault, They didnt make the phone. I just think more extensive testing should be done on the phones before they are released. Offering the phones to the customer when they have a list of known problems is not good for business. Oh, you think they dont know about the problems WRONG! Ive seen the list of "known issues" from their system. I have lil birdie on the inside that show it to me. But like i said, hopefully they have fixed all these issues.

78. unregistered

sure everone says they "know" someone...besides that vzw test their phone far more extensively than any other carrier

85. unregistered

ya right are kidding all verizon phone have bug every phone i had through them i had bug. It looks like a dont have a very good team testing there phones.

81. Dens unregistered

Lets put this to bed, NOW. Iphone is an impressive piece of hardware. You cant argue with that...however, the Diamond and Touch Pro out rank it. Period. - The Touch Pro/Diamond has better resolution (Maybe smaller screen, but not by much. Its image quality make-up for it!) - 528Mhz processor with a fantastic 288Mb of DDR SDRAM! THATS MORE THAN WHAT WINXP RECOMMENDS YOU TO HAVE IN A FULL BLOWN DESKTOP PC!!(The iphone does not even publish these internal specs! however, it sports a CPU rated UP TO 620(or so)MHz and is speculated greatly that the iphone has between 64-128mb of plain old SDRAM...Correct my if i wrong but common!) - Running a WM6.1 OS meaning that you can install WM applications and not be restricted to pre installed crap (VERY USEFUL AND THE MAIN REASON TO GET A WM DEVICE!) Install your own GPS software, Use remote desktop services, Play PC based videos, whatever... - Only has a-GPS which means that it relies on cell-tower triangulation to "A"ssist in locating the device - Touch Flo 3D interface is fantastic! Its intuitive, customizable, extremely handy and clean - MicroSD slot can accept up tp 32GB cards (The biggest you can get is 8GB currently and they only cost like $45!) - The touch screen is Resistive, which would be seen as a disadvantage because Capacitive is more sensitive...however, once again, it is you can adjust the sensitivity. Also, the resistive screen is actually laminated to the glass (a first for HTC) which makes it much more sensitive than normal out of the box! - Better camera (3.15MP vs. 2.0MP) - Supports Video Calling with the use of the front CMOS camera...YES, THERE ARE 2 CAMERA'S! - Both have WiFi...yay Not to mention VERIZON HAS A BETTER NETWORK, FASTER DATA RATES AND PLAN PRICING than ATT...EV-DO rev.A Is as good as it gets in the US...Sadly for us... In the end, the Diamond/Pro are more versatile and as far as im concerned, that means better to people who will use such things. Im waitin on the Verizon Touch Pro. As far as thickness goes, I have handles phones with almost identical dimensions and it's really not that bad at all...also, think about it...The CDMA Diamond is ~14mm thick due to the new back for the larger battery. (IMO the original Diamond battery time of the 900mAh was worthless so the larger battery is a must as far as im concerned) So now add another 4mm and you get a full keyboard and almost 100mb more RAM with the CDMA version of the Touch Pro...SOLD

86. unregistered

i dont think so iphone out ranked them

87. unregistered

if the iphone was on verzons network what would you guys have to talk about?? best phone best service but that not gonna happen verizon smokes att so go with a service that is reliable verizon babe!!! oh and the thunder will be the iphones final killer end of story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bye iphone
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