Information on upcoming Verizon phones

We've received information on Verizon Wireless's new phones, including the Touch Diamond and Raphael …
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1. unregistered

AHHHHHHHHH WTFFFF i JUST ordered the Dare after waiting more than year for it, only to find out DIAMOND is coming to VERIZON!!!! DAMMIT i just hope Dare was worth the wait, and will be better than the Diamond....

2. DeeBee unregistered

I doubt that :) sry but Diamond is WM... with amazing interface and Dare is ... just a touchscreen phone

5. unregistered

there will ALWAYS be new and better phones coming out. So you either get one that you want now or never get one while always waiting for the next new phone.

8. unregistered

Yeah enjoy the dare. It will not dissapoint

14. unregistered

You can return the dare w/in 30 days of purchase can't you?

22. unregistered

not unless you want to give verizon more money.

31. shayne unregistered

under the worry free guarantee, you always have 30 days from the date of activation to return your phone. no fee involved!! full refund for whatever you paid on that phone.

61. unregistered

How about this...use the Dare for a year and then get the Touch Diamond for 2 yr pricing? Sounds like a "win-win" to me.

76. MMEERR unregistered

FYI - There in now a $20 fee involved with returning or exchanging a handset (even under WFG), unless it is a warrantee issue.

82. unregistered

number1 the dare was not worth the wait its crap

91. aaron Malsbury unregistered

good point but it still sucks for the guy because the Diamond is going to be amazing... It's is going to be the closest to the iphone

97. unregistered

well with the worry free you will still be charged for the data or get it now features u added to the phone... but everything else will be waived

3. unregistered

no date on when the Touch Pro is coming out?

23. crd22

Posts: 77; Member since: Apr 15, 2008

Raphael is similar to the Touch Pro. It's replacing the Mogul, so it's got a keyboard.

42. unregistered

Isn't to the touch pro and raphael the exact same phone?

74. unregistered

yea the raphael is just another name for "touch pro"

4. unregistered

I was going to order the Dare in 2 days.But I am sooooooooooooooooo glad this information was posted. I am going to wait for the Diamond or the Touch Pro.

15. unregistered

Don't forget the Blackberry Thunder is due out (tentatively) by the end of September.

6. Trevor Widger unregistered

All just copies of the iPhone... You know, they make a new iPhone every year. If you would just spend some cash on the "real thing" you wouldn't have to worry about something better coming out. There isn't a touch-screen phone out there that beats the iPhone. No, I don't currently own one. As a matter of fact I have a Voyager. Why? For the exact same reason you want the Diamond, or Dare, or Touch Pro, I want the iPhone. After using the Voyager I realized, why not just get the real thing? These other touch-screen phones are nothing but cheap knockoffs.

10. unregistered

thouht you should know that iphone was a copy of many other touch phones that came out previous to it. apple just made a interface that was not wm, at&t, sprint, or vzw specific.....just get the phone that works best for your needs and budget....something great will always be "coming out soon"

16. unregistered

Regardless of whether one phone copies another, the iPhone is not very business friendly. That is, there is no calender, to-do list, sync with outlook, unless the 3g iPhone will bring it in another app, I don't see much use for it in the business world.

17. Anomalies

Posts: 61; Member since: Jun 08, 2008

Trevor is honestly the msot annoying person I've ever seen post on this site. More annoying than the guy who was calling every phone an iphone: "this is a great new lg iphone dare" "this is a great new htc iphone diamond" Seriously Trevor, July 11th please cancel your VZW account and go get your 3G iPhone.

18. XxTNTxX

Posts: 12; Member since: May 12, 2008

@Trevor Maybe it's NOT that we want the "real thing." Maybe we want something w/ more functionality w/ the added enjoyment of a touch screen, on a more stable and reliable network. I am too an LG Voyager owner and was in a pickle b/n dropping Verizon and getting an iPhone. But after playin' w/ friends' iPhones, I've realized there are alot of things that disappoint. & CHeap knockoffs? LOL. Most touch screen phones aren't being made to stand up against the iPhone, and it's ppl like you who's fault it is for comparing to it.

20. unregistered

I had a WM way before the iPhone came out... and guess what it was a touch screen... WOW that is amazing isn't it. How did the manage to clone the iPhone before it even came out? And about the iPhone being amazing... My friend just got one and tried it out he said it was the crapiest phone he has used. Apart from the flashy UI the phone is a peice of crap. The thing freezes on him like crazy, heats up like a mother (and trust me burning hot phone in the summer... not that exciting), and has the worst battery life I have ever seen. The phone sucks so bad that my friend is returning it and going back to his old N73 with Symbian, which is probably a better OS for a mobile phone than Apple.

29. unregistered

Exactly why I left AT&T and iPhone for Verizon and the Dare. I would love to get the Diamond or BB Thunder, but I just need a basic touchscreen phone. The Dare so far has exceeded my expectations. And I am so happy I can send MMS and take clear videos...something my iPhone made me miss.

35. Mr_LaZy

Posts: 21; Member since: Jun 30, 2008

Lmao, I had a PalmPilot from the 1990's. It had an Amazing touch screen, games, and a calendar! I can't believe I didn't buy an iPhone in the 90s, cause like it was the first touch screen thing to ever come out and like, I should be loyal to the company who made the first touch screen interface on the planett!!!!!! >>Sarcasm

48. unregistered

The iphone wasn't named one of the best mobile divices of the 2007 for no reason.

49. unregistered

I mean best device (not mobile device)

52. Verizon_Jealous_of_iphone unregistered

LOL...LMAO. It's so funny to see all the Verizon employees hating on the iphone because they can't get one. Your like a chinese store with cheap knock-offs.

55. unregistered

might want to check your facts on that. You indeed can sync with outlook, calander and to do lit. You can either love the I Phone or hate it but you should respect it. I think someone mentioned it earlier, if VZ had the phone it would be the greatest phone in the world. I think VZ's stragity back fired. I think the first year was rough for AT&T with the profit sharing of the unit and rates with Apple and VZ didn't want anything to do with that. I didn't blame them, I thought AT&T sold their soul to the devil. Deperate or not does it matter? But now in the second year with no profit sharing going to Apple fromthe phone and the price being right it will bring people in flocks. Even if the 3G network is subpar at the moment (works great when your on it).
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