Information about AT&T release dates leaked

This article contains unofficial information.
Information about AT&T release dates leaked
To know when a certain phone is released for your cell phone service provider is definitely handy. That’s what we have with the image of a table, indicating the dates on which AT&T is going to bring to its customers new devices. On February 5, 2008 come out the PRADA-like LG Vu, plus we get the UT Starcom 5700 Bulldog and on March 11 the grey, pink and purple Sony Ericsson Z750s are released as the image suggests. That seems to be only a table for the first quarter, so check back later for more.

source: EngadgetMobile



1. jose unregistered

I went to the store on feb 5 to see if they have the new lg Vu (CU 920) but they told me they dont no when its gonna come out and i say i found in internet the att says will be on the 5th but it wasn't so if someone knows what happend? and why they didnt release the phone one the day they say please let me know and if u know when its gonna be the real release day please let me know thanks

2. to #1 unregistered

Yep, feb 5th is in the past, but it just a leak, not an official information :(

3. unregistered

this website sucks on release dates LIARS

4. CialisB unregistered

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