Images of Verizon's Touch XV6900

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Images of Verizon's Touch XV6900
We received a few images in our mailbox - spy photos of the Verizon Wireless XV6900 or as most would like to hear it - HTC Touch. The overall look of the phone is similar to that of its Sprint sibling, but replaces the black color with snow white one and is said to be a little thinner. If the information is right, the cool WM6 Professional smartphone will be avialable for purchase in March and will probably come in other color versions in additions to the white.

source: HeKidnappedHer



1. unregistered

im getting excited!!!!

2. Bartimus unregistered

I am getting excited to. My New-ever-2 is coming and I have the XV6700. I like that phone alot, except I've broken my d-pad. This will be a nice upgrade/repair

3. unregistered

finally, i was about to get an 8130 but screw that im definitely getting this

4. sinfulta unregistered

Yes, this phone is coming and it should come in colors as well like phonearena stated above. This phone was shown off at our recent Verizon Kick off meetings. Spy shots? I guess so, It was pretty obvious that Verizon would get it after Sprints exclusive on the CDMA model was done.

5. unregistered

It had better come in more colors than white. This version is ugly.

6. unregistered

I love how Verizon Wireless has listened and finally getting the phones we want.

7. vzwguy unregistered

well it really wasn;t listening to you incase you don;t knwo how major cellphones work, one company usually gets an exclusive CDMA model, another gets the exclusive GSM model for X months, then it becomes open to other carriers, it is basic business really. like verizon tried to do with the krazr and several other phones that they had cornered for a while until everyone could get their hands on them

8. 8lias unregistered

8 more phones coming in March.

9. anybody unregistered

Htc touch will be on every network. I am getting so tired of this phone being on the top articles. i am more interested in th HTC shadow.

10. unregistered

and those 8 are?

11. sailorlion unregistered

Why won't T-Mobile get a phone like this? T-Mobile really needs a touch screen WM6 based phone in their line up.

12. T-PAiN unregistered

I'm interested to hear more about these supposed 8 more phones in March. What phones and how do you know this?

13. LordObento unregistered

THe VZW Touch/Vogue in "Iphone White" great marketing eh?

14. sinfulta unregistered

"I phone White", Last time I checked, I phone does not come nor will come in white. So what the hell is I phone white? I'm so sick of hearing about how I phone revolutionized everything, where the only thing they did was put a pretty operating system on a phone, and took away features from consumers and charged more for it. Get over it people.

15. Siouxper unregistered

will there be WIFI, if they are shrinking the form factor for Verizon, could they at least left it the way it was and try to squeeze a WIFI chip in?

16. Greatheart unregistered

Verizon is finally on the presipise of getting a quality business phone and SCREWS THE PHONE WITH THE FRIGGIN COLOR OF WHITE .. NOBODY WANTS A FRIGGIN WHITE BUSINESS PHONE !!!!!!!!!

17. unregistered

I love the white color. Black and dark blue phones are getting old are not as appealing anymore. Also i dont see how a phone being white would rule it out as a business phone. Its not neon or anything

18. unregistered

Colors have sexual preferences now?...any how I do think they should at least have it available in black also

19. unregistered

Black and White are about as plain as you can get. How it makes this a sissy phone im not sure. You will probably just throw a protective case on it anyways so why does it matter

20. Greatheart unregistered


21. unregistered

ok, now lets grow up and come into the real world. its a phone, get over what color is it, hopefully verizon will sell this phone in more than one color, and if they dont oh well

22. unregistered

ok, now lets grow up and come into the real world. its a phone, get over what color is it, hopefully verizon will sell this phone in more than one color, and if they dont oh well

23. unregistered

I would be weirded out even if a woman wore red pants. Your example is not very effective

24. anonymus unregistered

isnt this a comment board talking about the xv6900?? i dont care if people think men wearing red pants are gay or not gay...i want to know more about this phone...i heard it will be released march 18...has anyone else heard this or anything different?

25. Charlie unregistered

Does anyone know when this phone will be for sale for Verizon??

26. GreatMind unregistered

GreatHeart why are you a homophobe? What does a color matter anymore? With the skins that are available, white is better (easier to see the color of the skin). Freak.

27. unregistered

GreatHeart, you flatter yourself. What gay man would bat his eyes at you, who makes mean fun of gay men? Let people wear whatever colors they'd like. And let the world hear fewer mean comments.

28. Josh unregistered

When is this going on sale????? I am sick of using my current phone and dont want to buy one until this is out.

29. Jay unregistered

I'm curious. Did Greatheart stop taking his distemper meds again?

30. Lalypop unregistered

I agree with the whole color thing. I think they should have picked another color like black or silver. I mean if you see a guy with a white phone you might think that he is gay. So I think they should come out with more colors. I'm really excited about this phone. I went to the store and saw it. So I can't wait to get mine! What other phones are coming out? Are they for verizon?

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