iPhone to come in CDMA flavor soon?

A tipster has reported that Apple may be in negotiations with Verizon Wireless for a CDMA iPhone...
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45. unregistered

Would love to see it for sprint lol. Minimal crippling + Simply everything would be fantastic too bad it probably wont happen since apple is all about mainstream and the network is as close to nazisim as apple lol I know some people will see it the way i do

59. unregistered

VZW does not cripple their smartphones just dumbphones (which are getting a little better...look at the dare, alot more options than previous models)

48. unregistered

I have seen a lot of posts on here...both good and bad. But there is one thing people forget to bring up ( and I want the Apple fanboys to take note of this ). In the story header, it is mentioned that ... "Apple originally wanted to go with Verizon for the original iPhone"... I repeat ... "Apple originally wanted to go with Verizon for the original iPhone". So for all you iPhone fanboys... bite on THAT apple!!!!

49. unregistered

That comment makes AT&T fanboys so mad they could break something. Try breaking that damn iPhone...lol

60. unregistered

Better pff VZW didn't get it first. ATT can be the guinea pig and deal with all the issues the phone has (poor 3g chip which drops calls). 1st gen of anything sucks. 3rd time around it should be perfected...ready for the #1 carrier

50. unregistered

A few things that will always keep GSM and its successors popular:the ever convenient SIM card(faster contact transfer than just about anything out there),Global capability(unlocked phone+simcard from the coutry you're in=no roaming),Billions of customers compared to a few million CDMA customers,more phones. CDMA locks a user down to one phone unless they call customer care,reprogram,transfer contacts through Bluetooth(which takes forever if you have more than 5 contacts),then you can use the phone. GSM:Pull SIM out of old phone,put in new phone,done. Wow,CDMA has faster data networks,good for them. GSM tends to have fewer dropped calls,better tower to tower handoff,more secure data connection,and more options in the way of operating systems and manufacturers. What tech do most manufacturers develop devices for? GSM Take some of the newer phones,for example. The iPhone,innovative, and GSM. The Nokia N and E series phones,GSM. LG and Samsung's new super camera phones. Um,let's see. CDMA? Nope. GSM wins again. There was a large storm recently where I live that knocked out power all over the state. The only carrier that was working was at&t because the oh so grand EVDO VZW and Sprint towers couldn't get a signal through the storm because their bandwith got killed because of the interference from the storm,while the at& towers weren't affected at all.

51. unregistered

"GSM tends to have fewer dropped calls,better tower to tower handoff,more secure data connection" Go back to school and learn about hard vs. soft hand offs, and overall bandwidth of towers. You will clearly see that CDMA is GOD:)

52. unregistered

Yeah CDMA kills GSM, in call quality and dropped calls. GSM has a hard-hand off, while CDMA has a Soft-hand off. Plus the fact that CDMA towers can hold alot more bandwidth then GSM towers. True facts, just google it. CDMA kills in the department of Bandwidth, Dropped calls, and Call quality.

53. unregistered

What else is funny, is how GSM technology does horrible through terrain, and buildings. Also CDMA isn't affected by storm, GSM has always been affected. I read articles on it all the time.

54. unregistered

"GSM:Pull SIM out of old phone,put in new phone,done." So if I find someone's phone, or steal someone's phone... all I have to do is pull out their SIM card, and put in a new one? Sweet. Damn, too bad CDMA devices use esn/MEIDs so if I find a phone or steal someones phone, I can't use it. Who do they think they are making it hard for me to steal someone's phone and/or information by not using a SIM card... they have a lot of nerve.

75. unregistered

yea gsm phone steal 1 and its urs just put ur chip in millions of iphone stolen so far numbers keep climbing daily my cdma phone someone steals it i report it then when some1 tries to connect it they cant and if they do it a a zvw store they take the phone and i get it back

76. unregistered

yea gsm wins worldwide cause its cheap and shitty dont want to spend the money on a cdma network might become a number 1 network dont want that

56. unregistered

I think vzw won't carry the iphone because it would cut into their vcast music program. Really, vcast isn't that bad, but the plan seems to complicated. Verizon would have to reconsider their music subscription offerings. In addition, come up with a data plan comfortable to AT&T. Verizons current plans are terrible for basic data, $40 for 50mb and up

61. unregistered

You think they give a #$&% about vcast if they gain a few more thousand subscribers??? Your a business man i can tell lol..

67. unregistered

Yeah seriously, it's only $30 for unlimited data on Blackberry's and with the Storm to be released most likely sometime in November, it's going to make one nice Christmas for some of us. I still am going to wait to see if the iphone comes to VZW, cuz I'm an admitted Apple fanboy, and I'd prolly pick one up over a Blackberry. People think it would be so hard for VZW to compete with AT&T, but they're all forgetting how much bigger, better, and richer VZW is than the others. To have a company like Vodafone as a backer is HUGE! Not to mention that VZW pours millions of dollars into it's network every QUARTER! It's really not too far fetched to think iphone could come to VZW after such great success on AT&T, especially considering what a joke AT&T's network really is.

68. to #59 unregistered

you're talking about aircard plans with the data limit. on vzw's data plans for phones they are all unlimited for 30 a month.

62. jole556 unregistered

RE: 59, "Verizons current plans are terrible for basic data, $40 for 50mb and up " OMG you really don't know what your talking about. Verizons $40 data plan for 50 mb is only for their wireless data internet cards. They also have just like at&t a $59.99 5 gb plan. Get your facts straight bro.

69. yeah exactly... unregistered

then as far as those aicard data plans go, at&t's only option is 59.99 for 5GB. Exactly the same as VZW. I bet you when VZW does get the iphone it will be incredible too and actually be able to perform MMS messages.

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73. unregistered

verizon getting iphone only means one thing to me.... FAT ASS COMMISSION CHECK!!! so bring it on apple mama needs a new pair of shoes!!!

74. unregistered

wasent the exclusivity for the original iphone not 3g

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