iPhone 6 may feature curved glass and curved edges

The rumor mill around the Apple iPhone 6 won't be slowing down until Apple decides to give us some actual information on the device. The rumors have been consistent enough, that we are pretty sure the phone will feature a 4.7-inch display, but a new rumor is talking more about the design, and the possibility of curves....
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30. mmmanuuu

Posts: 403; Member since: Nov 05, 2013

Apple simply copying samsung and then moans in front of public that all other companies are copying them. Get a frigging life biches !

33. DisCHORD

Posts: 35; Member since: Apr 25, 2014

Hmm... Knowing apple, it will look better than anything Samsung or LG has ever made. Not that I like apple, I hate them... But. Y'know. Teenage girls are their main target... I myself prefer Nokia and HTC. HTC one M8 is a beautifully designed phone, with the most voltage going through the audio jack to headphones out of any phone at 1.3 volts. IPhone has 1 volt, and Samsung s5 has a crappy .5 volts or something without an eq, putting it behind the Lumia 925, 1520, 1020, and 930 in sound quality. I also hate the display on s5's. Its overly cool tinted, it isn't very bright, and the camera is mediocre. The s5 is a few hundred dollars overpriced. It should have been 500$-600$. For me, all that matters is audio quality since I have dropped enough into my headphones to care (fiio e11 amp with akg k240 headphones.), and display. UI, speed, and camera are second. OS... Now os... I prefer wp8. Now, after that rant, I will state my point: Its apple. It will look good... And that's it. It won't be the fastest, nor will it have a great display (especially not if they keep their LCD screen they call retina display as a gimmick.) All apple has is a surplus of apps, and a beautifully designed product. Samsung has a meh display, a mediocre camera, a decent look I guess to some people, decent performance, and a pretty darn good UI. HTC relies upon audio and amazing design. Nokia relies upon product customization, camera, durability, display, and a UI that is in my opinion on par with if not better than Samsung. LG is a performance crazy lot. Look at nexus 5 they made: that was fast as heck when they released it. LG g3 isn't going to be any different. I'm thinking if there is going to ever be 4+ GB of ram and a crazy octa core 2. Whatever processor, then LG will be the ones to do it. That sums them up. That is what each company is striving for with their phones as far as I can tell.

34. TheGenius

Posts: 339; Member since: Mar 06, 2014

Looks like u were kicked out of your house for praising s5 when you loved it and now you are trying to get your family back by faking your hatred towards it. Bad move troll. But I hope u win your people back :) Good luck.

35. DisCHORD

Posts: 35; Member since: Apr 25, 2014

What are you talking about? I'm confused to high hell by your comment genius. Not once did I say anything about my family not liking me, nor did anything I said imply that I am a troll. I was stating my views on phones. I like the s5 for quite a few reasons, but it doesn't fill my requirements in audio or display. The UI is top notch, speed is great, camera is decent enough, but the display is miscolored and the audio sub par. That is why I am going to stick with my choice of HTC or Nokia. My main point however is that apple products will always look good. No matter what apple makes, aesthetics are a main design point.
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