iPhone 5s tops our blind camera comparison, Xperia Z1 Compact takes last place

Today it is time for us to reveal which were the smartphones that we used in our latest blind camera comparison. We're also announcing which phone got the most of our readers' votes...
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121. strikercho

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Anyone surprised? Don't think so.

122. simonhpaton

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HTC ONE camera in HDR Mode or: Best 3rd party app for HDR Mode?: -HDR Camera + Camera HDR Studio HDR camera Hi all. I have the update 4.3 Android version. I've been told to use HDR Mode in camera settings to get best photo in low light or when there is bright and low light. I have tried Night Mode but it NEVER produced good shots. Overall, I am happy with the photos. I compared a friends Sony Xperia z1 camera with my HTC ONE camera. Overall, if you do not crop, zoom in or want to blow up your pictures into photos, its a great camera. However, when it comes to HDR Mode, I was told to install a 3rd party app for this as HTC's HDR Mode is not consistent and was told some 3rd party apps are better for HDR. These are: Camera HDR Studio HDR camera ( i believe this free app has full HDR features from HDR Camera +). Not sure if that's true? Anyone know? -HDR Camera + Overall, in forums, HDR Camera+ and HDR Camera; Camera HDR Studio including and, maybe even Snap Camera HDR (had one great review I read for HTC ONE but from my personal experience, not so good) are the better apps and better for HDR use than the HTC HDR Mode. Can anyone suggest one over the other for my HTC ONE? Thanks all!

123. simonhpaton

Posts: 4; Member since: Feb 26, 2014

HTC ONE or SONY ZPERIA Z1 for photo quality?
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