iPhone 4S specs compared to the iPhone 4, Galaxy S II, Droid Bionic

The iPhone 4S is out facing a cruel world - one of dual-core Androids, much larger displays, LTE connected devices and an even more aggressively competitive future. But we care about the present…
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116. ibap

Posts: 867; Member since: Sep 09, 2009

Oh good grief. I used to say that in the US people were more likely to change religion than political party. Now it seems they're becoming wedded to an OS. Get over it - on both sides. My history stretches back over Palm Treos (both Palm OS and Windows), Windows phones (not WP7), and now Android. Up until now I never considered an iPhone because ATT was of no use to me. Started with Verizon, left before they had the iPhone and switched to Sprint a few years ago when Verizon didn't pull in the Alltel areas completely, and we had a coverage issue - yes, Sprint beat Verizon. While I like my large screen phones (Epic 4G and EVO 3D, and the previous HTC Touch Pro 2 which wasn't quite as large) the newer larger screen phones are getting a bit out of hand - or perhaps out of pocket - which they won't well fit in to. The 3.5" may be the best compromise, but I don't see other phones getting any smaller any time soon. Who was it that tried the dual-screen that opened to show the two screens? - but it didn't fly. All of this complaining is over the fact that the iPhone 5 wasn't part of the announcement - so get over it.

117. mander4tm unregistered

Hello,samsung galaxy s II have 3G HSDPA, 21 Mbps; HSUPA, 5.76 Mbps,it is better than iphone 4 S.

119. abdul jakol unregistered

I love Samsung S2 but I will wait for a few more weeks and buy a basketfull of ip4s.The sales will be so slow they are going to sell them at half price. I'll take advantage of that. ip4s are better than black and white screens.I will still use my sgs2 and be happy with it and I will glady give away those ip4s to the less fortunate in Africa.

126. CuriousPhone unregistered

You are already wrong. Sprint is already sold out of the Black and White Iphone4s. And I am betting so will AT&T & Verizon soon enough. Doesn't take a genius to figure this would have happened. I am not even an APPLE fanboy, I have never owned one. I always had HTC phones but all the hate the IP4s is getting annoying, it deserves someone to defend it.

123. androidvsiPhone unregistered

lets compare ios just an app- launcher :( android app launcher/widget custom roms etc. ios- safari no flash video :( android flash video and keeps up the speed with ios on limited browsing experiance ha ha whats up with that iphone-regular glass materia android -gorrila glass iphone-no woranty, no removable battery, comes only in 2 colors, no external memory, stuck on 3.5 screen, trying to play catch up, need i say more?

124. Bad news unregistered

Steve Jobs, RIP!

125. CuriousPhone unregistered

I have been reading a lot of comments on this article. Here is a little bit about my background with these devices. My dad tests all the new android phones.. He works for Motorola and brings new Droid phones home everyday. He showed me some phones and apps which Motorola phones have, which Samsung ones do not. He also shows me phones that have not been released yet with some type of newer Android which he speaks very highly about, the one to be released after droid bionic. droid x4 he called it. At home my wife has a Samsung Galaxy 1 phone from US Cellular with Belief plan, which is less expensive than AT&T or Verizon and we have never had a dropped call. I use her phone sometimes to download and play free games from android market. At my work some of my coworkers have the Iphone with AT&T and they always complain about dropped calls. I played around with so many smart phone in my life. I personally always had HTC phones, and thought they were pretty good. Now let me give you my opinion. Out of all the phones my favorite one is the Iphone4. Why? It just feels good in your hand. The interface is clean and minimal. The screen is crisp and text looks sharp. For me I will get the Iphone4s. And there are 500,000 apps already made for it. Who cares if there are not so many free apps. Ill pay the 99 cents not to have to see annoying ads. I can afford it. And even though Android is decent and I like it, for some reason I just gravitate to the iphone. When you use it, it just works. I can't understand how people can be dissapointed with Apple. Apple computers were never top of the line. My ASUS laptop with I7 processor cost me 1100 dollars while the same one from Apple is 2000. Apple is never at the head of technology. They got ahead because they make good software, and hardware which people enjoy using. After 2 months with Android phone you will run out of free games to download, while on the Iphone I will have thousands to choose from. Does anyone forget about the ICLOUD, and being able to sync all your photos without having to plug the phone into USB. To me that is a revolutionary feature. Siri might be a little bit weak sounding, but being able to set an alarm with my voice is a feature I will use. ANd that is built into the Iphone4s. The Ip4s is built for people, with a lot of great features put in for people to use. There is just something missing when I use an Android phone, i cant put a finger on it, but it just doesnt have it for me.

128. DJMan unregistered

I'm in the process of searching for a new phone. I don't have an Iphone or a Galaxy Sll, but those are my choices to purchase. Looking at the table on this thread, and putting up a post on facebook asking my friends their opinions, it's looking more in favour for the Sll. I'm not an Apple Basher/Hater as i've never owned one so this is a purely an unbiased posting Against the 4S for me as far as personal preference goes is: smaller screen, lower battery life, restricted to high priced Apple accessories only, cost of apps, and of course the general higher cost of the phone itself. Against the Galaxy Sll....so far none. For the 4S...Build quality & Siri. But to be very honest...Siri looks great in Apples advertising video, but does it work??? I personaly have used voice recognition software, on PC & mobile phones and they never work correctly. Ask the phone to call a number and it never recognizes it or calls someone else. So until it's been tried and tested and used by Joe Public, it's not a major FOR the 4S. I personally think although hopefully i'll be proved wrong, when the 4s is released, many will buy it just for Siri, but there will be hundreds of posts here saying how it doesn't work. For the Gallaxy Sll.....Cheaper price, Does everything the Iphone does, free apps, better battery life, larger screen and probably more. So it looks like i will be purchasing the Galaxy Sll, unless someone out there can genuinely give me a better reason not too!!

129. yungmel0

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Well all know that android is the better IOS and that there's several better phones out but in the end the ifail4s will still out sell the SGSII AND ANY OTHER "TRUE" TOP OF THE LINE PHONE!!!!! Not because its better, but its the "popular" device to have. Its going to sell just like high price sneakers or Dr. Dre headphones. Yes there's a better choice but people buy what's in now a days and the Iphone will for ever be that must have device. Any android phone has the capability to download movies, music and ebooks straight out the box for free. Just download one FREE app. In order to enjoy a Iphone is has to be jailbroken. I have a Motorola Photon 4g and I love it. My next phone will be the SGSII for sprint. Can a Iphone connect up to 8 devices and become a gateway to high speed internet?? Can you upgrade you 16GB of memory just in case you want to download a season of your favorite T.V show? Trust there are several things that a android phone can do a Iphone just can't do. Everyones talking a bout Siri.... please you can download vlingo and get the same thing!!!!! I can sit here fir days and compare the functionality of phonies and android phones. In the end the Iphone is still going to sell even if the design remains the same for 10 years. The name Apple sells the Iphone that's it. Hell most people don't even know all the capabilities of their phones now!!!! For those few who are tech savi and are not swayed by trends but want actual power and productivity from your phone will look a little further than the Iphone 4s.

131. getoverit unregistered

Boring Tech savi s**t, i want a phone that easy to use, does everything i want it to do, takes great pictures, takes great videos, fits in my pocket, without looking like ive stuffed a laptop in it (SGS2 users). My laptop does all the high tech s**t i need to do, when im out and about you need to talk to people and do things not wank over ur android tech savi crap.

130. getoverit unregistered

Why do so many android users look at iphone ios pages if they are so happy with there phones. ???????????????????????????????? No matter how many times u say it, trick urselfs into believing it, the truth is still sitting there staring u in the face. Get over it.
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