I am swapping my Galaxy S5 for a dumb phone to see what living without a smartphone feels like

For the next two weeks, I'll be the guinea pig in an experiment I've wanted to do for a while – I'll have my smartphone taken away from me. Instead of a Galaxy S5, I'll be using a phone not much more advanced than a potato – one without apps, without games, without any internet access whatsoever...
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59. justForTheRecord

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Hmm ... against an actual just-a-phone the experience will provide little enlightenment. Anyone addicted to smartphones is going to suffer the usual separation anxiety ... BUT, if NT had selected something like a Verizon Dare -- yes I know Verizon don't sell them no mo -- he might have found the anxiety to be lessened to a great degree. They both make calls. They both have decent touch screens. They both have calendars, notes, decent cameras, turn-by-turn navigators, music / picture / movie services, mobile email, texting, etc., etc.. In fact, functionally, they are quite similar. There are a few differences. The Dare doesn't require a megabuck dataplan. To be fair, surfing the web is painful (which is why I relegate that to the iPad). The Dare can run a week or two between charges (mine does all the time). The Dare is tiny compared to the S5 so it fits in the pocket much easier. The diminutive size makes the Dare much easier to use one-handed. In fact, I would predict if someone would put a hi-res screen and a decent battery in a smaller phone, say 4.5 x 2.4 x 0.4, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. With minimalistic ends, there's even room for a 5" QHD Gorilla 4 display. And skip those d*** buttons on the sides. Man, I hate them. :-)

60. robocopvn

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I bet you will get hooked to the laptop, or netbook, or chromebook instead :D

63. acn2003

Posts: 27; Member since: Mar 26, 2014

well.., Im doing the same.., instead of a dumb phone, I chose a dumber one.., Im using my Lumia 520 these days as LG G2's screen broke last week... And the results: Whatapp takes hours to load.. so limited using it.. Internet connectivity sucks.. so stopped browsing from phone.. Candy Crush comes in 2d for lumia 520, its funny to see every thing lying flat... And the list goes on... Truth is though I felt uncomfortable for 2 days, I realized I can mange well without a flashy high end smartphone.. so my next phone is going to be a good mid-ranger.
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