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Humor: iPhones are like new girlfriends

Humor: iPhones are like new girlfriends
Admittedly, this video could easily refer to any high-end smartphone on the market, but for better or worse, the iPhone is the cultural touchstone and metonym that stands in for the entire smartphone industry. We all know the feeling though, you get a shiny new device, and you just get lost in it - finding new things to do, new surprising talents, and better ways to waste your time together. Saying that a new smartphone is like a new girlfriend isn't really too much of a stretch.

That's where the good folks from CollegeHumor come in with a new video depicting exactly that process. It's a fun look at the timeline of a smartphone, and even sets up a potential follow-up video that could delve into the deeper emotional troubles of getting into a relationship/buying a new device just before you meet that perfect someone/thing.

source: CollegeHumor

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