Performance-enhancing GPU Turbo software coming to Huawei devices too

Huawei has confirmed that the performance-enhancing GPU Turbo software announced last week alongside the Honor Play will also be making its way to a variety of its smartphones, starting with the Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro later this month...
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1. bucknassty

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These East brands are gunning hard now at everything. very impressive

2. GreenMan

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"GPU Turbo basically diverts the device’s power to the GPU in the hope of improving performance by up to 60%." So, it increases the clockspeed of The GPU while lowers The CPU clock; in other words? Oh well, G'Day!

4. sintruder

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All you guys are missing the point with this tech. It's revolutionary in terms of gpus. They have reworked the software at a lower level in such a way that it interacts with the hardware in a different more efficient way giving the upto 60% performance boost and 30% efficiency. It doesn't increase the clocks at all. Check on YouTube the kirin 970 now matches or beats Snapdragon 845's adreno 630 in most games. Adreno 630 is about 40% faster than the gpu in Kirin 970, I believe there isn't enough headroom in the kirin 970 CPU to achieve that kind of performance with simply increasing the clocks.

5. worldpeace

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"Check on YouTube the kirin 970 now matches or beats Snapdragon 845's adreno 630 in most games" link for that? I tried to search and can't find any, but I did find SD835 beating kirin 970

6. sintruder

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So far only the honor play supports gpu turbo and has only been tested by Chinese Channels, heres one test (just look at the graphs to see the comparison) In the link you provided, the kirin 970 is not yet enabled with gpu turbo so of course the SD835 will beat it and emulators are also optimised for SD processors so they perform a little better.

3. TechSceptic

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That's great and all, but the massive problem with mobile GPUs isn't raw performance, but consistent performance. The consistent performance of GPUs is nowhere near their peak performance, as a result of thermals. So unless the Huawei smartphones just has godlike heat dissipation, this is just going to heat up your phone quicker, and then it has to downclock itself in order to not overheat and damage things like the battery. I just don't see this having any significant impact on performance, apart from burst performance, but that's not what gaming is.

7. Aruminiumaian

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You're missing the point, this tech aims to achieve higher, more stable frame rates while lowering the energy consumption and keeping the device cooler. So it's completely opposite to what short-period GPU overclock does. While we need to take it with a grain of salt until the update reaches out to international variant of their devices, the gaming comparison between Honor Play and OnePlus 6 on YouTube is already showing substantial improvement in graphics performance from P20 Pro with exactly the same chipset and screen resolution and shows that Kirin 970, SoC which is slightly behind Snapdragon 835 in GPU horsepower, is somehow managing to compete with 845.

8. TechSceptic

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I'm going to need concrete proof from a reliable source before i believe it. When i see it, i'll believe it.