Huawei and Google rumored to be working on new Nexus smartphone, Chinese Android app store

A new rumor suggests that, aside from a Nexus smartphone, Huawei and Google are also working together on building a Chinese app store...
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29. Taters

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Google always uses the best chipset available. Nexus 4 uses the S4 pro and Nexus 10 used the Exynos which was the only chip capable of running QHD at the time. Nexus 5 used the SD800 and Nexus 6 used the SD805. The only Nexus devices that used the wrong chipset was the Galaxy Nexus with the TI omap and and the Nexus 7 original with the Tegra 3.

30. Mobilephile

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A Huawei that gets consistent software updates? This will put them on the map for sure. This collab will be mutually beneficial
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