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New Huawei Mate 20 Pro report confirms every last detail about flagship

The Huawei Mate 20 Pro has been detailed extensively in a new report. The smartphone will support 5x optical zoom and ultra-macro shots in the camera department. Elsewhere, water and dust resistance has been boosted to IP68 and the base version will ship with 6GB of RAM
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you need there special sd cards? not liking that. but 5x optical zoom is sweet


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This phone will be the best phone of 2018 and by some distance tbh. So much New technologies on show. If you read the original article you'll find out that the mate20pro will be able to charge other phones and earpods just by placing them on the rear of the phone and it's called wireless reverse charge. There's also an ultrasonic under screen fps, 3d facial recognition, bone voice ID, 4,200 mAh battery, 40W charger than can charge up to 70% in 30mins, stereo Dolby Atmos speakers, 7nm SoC, dual NPU, 40MP camera, 5x Optical zoom, ultra wide angle lens, 8GB ram, 512 inbuilt storage, IR blaster, IP68, GPU Turbo 2.0, HiHealth that can measure the amount of calories you're taking just by looking at your meal, via their AI tech. This is aside other goodies like OLED, gradient finishes, BT 5.0, fushionmind camera tech etc.. There will be no hiding place for other oems. Remember all these are based on the original article and leaks from Roland quandt.


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Undeniably one of the best phones of the year. I would have included all of those details in this article too but I've already covered those pieces of info before.


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Omg looks promising, my 1 month old p20pro will be washout omg.. I like the 20mp telephoto lens..


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In display fingerprint scanner missing???


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It will be included in the lower portion of the display


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And it will be of the ultra Sonic variety according to the rumors. What I really like here is that you'll be able to use the 3d facial recognition for security like private space, securing apps etc.


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we will see even mooore with Mate 20 pro:))...well done Huawei.


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Mooooore* 5x optical


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“Pricing is expected to start at around $1100” iPhone Xs Max costs $1500 in Europe.


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Yep, a huge difference


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Worth it for all the new and crazy tech that will be included in this phone


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Huawei are really pushing samsung now, this phone on paper should be the best phone on the planet by far.


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So I am a little bit confused.. how large is the screen going to be?


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This phone was an absolute beast, i was going to trade in my note 8 for it but.....proprietary sd cards? Im not overly keen on that, i hope they sell the 256gb version in the uk and i wont care, the tech inside this thing is amazing and i think it justifies its price better then EVERY other manufacturer out there at the moment, samsung and for sure apple included, the camera setup alone is enough to make me jump ship, i had the p20 pro and tjat was damn impressive but this is going to be next level i suspect


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Best phone of 2018 will be unveiled in 5 days! Can't wait to see the Mate 20X!!


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just use scissors to cut MicroSD to NanoSD size. it should work. remember MicroSim to NanoSim?


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I let you cut the SD card... Why is that so ennoying? Do you guys often swap or remove the SD card from your device? IMO, it's just a way to get more space for cheaper than upgrading to a higher version... This phone has literally ALL the feature we would expect a flagship to have in 2018


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It's also the fastest way to move all those files inside it, and get lots more free space, by simply swapping it with a new SD card. It's really useful when you're on vacation and storage get full with all photos & videos, you can upload it to cloud but hotel's wi-fi is almost always suck, and data roaming isn't an option. Or if you're carrying s**t load amount of data everyday, 1TB on your pocket might be useful.


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Give this phone a stylus and it will beat the heck out of note series


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I am a little bit confused , some people say it’s going to be 6,9” and some say 6,3”?! I hope it will be the 6,3” becouse if it’s going to be that big then it will be another phone for me.. anyone heard about the size of the phone yet?


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It's 6.39" so you may as well just call it 6.4"


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Only two things are stopping me getting this day 1. No headphone port and I've already got a note 9. Great phone, hope Huawei do well with it.


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I am a little bit concerned of this new trend that phones gets bigger and bigger.. I want this phone but I am worried it’s going to be big.. I have iPhone 6s now..


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Is there some article when and how to watch the huawei event? Just wondering why there is not countdown like for apple or Samsung. Anyway if you want to watch check huawei official.