Huawei's next fast charger could reduce charging times significantly

A new fast charger by Huawei has obtained its certification in China, revealing information that indicates it could possibly be the world's fastest upon release...
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1. AbhiD

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No. It can't overtake Oppo's Super VOOC. Had you looked upto some stats, you would have known Super VOOC is 10 Volts at 5 Amperes (50 Watts). That is 25% faster than Huawei's newer solution (40 Watts). Furthermore, it's not even doubled from 22 watts to 40 watts, still a bit lesser. Even if one cuts down charging time by half on Huawei phones, they will still take at least 40-45 minute to completely charge for a 3400 mAh battery. Honor 10 with 3400 mAh battery and Huawei Supercharge takes approximately 80 minutes to charge completely. Now do the math. Infact the charging wattage isn't even being doubled. It's approx 1.8 times of the original.


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So, all of that just to only say it's .2 away from double the original.

4. AbhiD

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Naah. Looks like your comprehension skills aren't that strong. Not exactly double is just one of the many points made. Super VOOC being superior with 50 watts and faster charging times of 35 minutes while Huawei solution falling in range of 40-45 minutes are other points that i made.

2. Divahipsterova

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Lamborghini edition has 3400 mah battery