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How to use Skype, Facebook, MSN, Yahoo! and other messengers from a single smartphone app

0. phoneArena posted on 28 Jun 2013, 04:36

A messenger of some kind is usually among the very first apps that a smartphone owner downloads onto their device. These have grown highly popular over the recent years as they serve as a great low-cost alternative to texting and/or calling other people. Yet not everyone uses the same messaging app. Some people favor the trusty Facebook messenger. Others rely on Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, or Google's Hangouts. Then there's your grandpa who is still on AOL, while your uncle won't use anything but Yahoo! Messenger. That's why to stay in touch with all these folks, you need to have a separate client to connect to each of these services, which isn't very convenient. However, there's a way around that...

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posted on 28 Jun 2013, 04:37 1

1. _Bone_ (Posts: 2155; Member since: 29 Oct 2012)


posted on 28 Jun 2013, 05:38 1

2. thunderising (Posts: 232; Member since: 25 Nov 2011)


posted on 28 Jun 2013, 05:41

3. itsdeepak4u2000 (Posts: 3718; Member since: 03 Nov 2012)

Good All in one messenger.

posted on 28 Jun 2013, 13:41

4. Hammerfest (Posts: 384; Member since: 12 May 2012)

IMO USED to be great, however about a year ago now they started sucking balls...

Why you ask? I keep my WORK/FAMILY life seperate from my GAMING life, I had 2 IMO accounts with the use's seperated as I like, and because it didnt have my real name on my gaming one (which wouldnt have been something I would have mind had it also not advertised this through IMO's service), IMO closed it...

That wasnt the tip of the iceberg however, before that, I was able to login to TWO IMO accounts on my phone, allowing both my WORK/PERSONAL life and GAMING life to go with me everywhere, but they removed that, so I had to go back to Trillian...

In a few short words: Burn in hell IMO

posted on 02 Jul 2013, 11:39

5. boosook (Posts: 1442; Member since: 19 Nov 2012)

LOL... PA, don't try to convince me that "GAY" in the second line of icons in the image is a coincidence...

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