How to make your iPhone or Android device vibrate when getting a call

How to make your iPhone or Android device vibrate when getting a call
While most feature phones in the past had their vibrator motor set to do its thing whenever a call came through by default, quite a few modern smartphones require that you dig through the Settings menu and hunt down the option to enable this feature. It's handy too, especially if you keep your phone in your pockets, and for when somebody or something around you is going berserk and you can't hear a thing. So turning vibrations on for calls ensures that the odds of you missing that next important call are minimized.

So how do you turn this feature on? Luckily, so long as you know where to look, it's pretty straightforward. We decided to include the steps for all major Android manufacturers' devices, along with Apple's iPhone. Here's how:



1. MythBusters

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why not make a article about " how to not make a stupid articles " ?

6. waddup121 unregistered

lmao this article. PA trying to be wikihow tho so that people can refer to this website for instructions...chill a little guys xD

2. Simona unregistered

Ar u serious Parena ???!?!? My 3-years old daughter can do it ..

5. itsdeepak4u2000

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Your daughter is very skillful and talented. Congrats... :)

3. tahnik

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Next article : Why should you leave phonearena

4. bambamboogy02

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Come on, it helps people out, probably not the ones coming to this site, but it might. I used to work at VZW Store for over 10 years, and you have no idea how many people would come in asking these types of questions. I agree, this is basic knowledge for the ones who post on here, but what about the people who come here to read articles and don't have enough techy-knowledge to feel confident to post anything. Obviously you guys read the title, read the article, and decided to post negative things about it. Come on, give them a break. The title should have been a dead give away, what the article will be about. You don't need to rant and rave over trivial articles.

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