How to check if an iPhone is iCloud locked or unlocked

Craigslist can be a tricky place if you are looking to buy a used iPhone: you simply often don't know much about the seller or the phone itself, and the biggest problem with devices that you know nothing about is that they could be stolen.

Luckily for most consumers, iPhone theft has decreased significantly since Apple introduced iCloud locking the devices that will basically render stolen iPhones useless. However, if you happen to buy a phone that is iCloud-locked, you are pretty much screwed.

So here is the first thing that you should do when buying a used iPhone: check whether it is iCloud locked or not. Luckily, it's all a very simple process, just follow these steps and make sure to buy unlocked devices that you can actually use.



9. aymnga

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8. cncrim

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Buy phone on CL is no guarantee anything, even at the time you bought the phone everything work and seem to legit and can turn bad months later. Happen to me twice

6. tacarat

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Funny how so many people who come to a phone site know this and mock it for being here. I'd rather send my friends or family a link they can follow rather than explain it 20 times. Thanks PA.

7. cncrim

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People love negative......

10. tacarat

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I love lazy.

5. DeusExCellula

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Lol in my country we buy and sell icloud locked devices for parts.

4. Mxyzptlk unregistered

Smart thing to do is have the person meet you at a carrier store or an Apple Store in daylight, whichever is closes. If they don't want to, then don't deal with them. It's called common sense.

11. darkkjedii

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3. discharge unregistered

This is such a stupid article anyone should know this?? You have to delete a iPhone out and before you can even do this I cloud has to be turned off!! Otherwise your information will still be on there, plus all you have to do is ask for the serial number and IMEI number and call the carrier aka t mobile, sprint, AT&T, or Verizon they will gladly let you know if it's stolen or has a balance on it!! If the seller refuses well obviously it's a fake or stolen or bad IMEI!!! I sell apple and android on eBay all day all year!! As for Craig's list haa that site is where all the scam artists sell there junk!! Common sense here

12. hawkant89

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Okay so if you want to get technical it’s a proven fact that people get scammed 4 times more by people they never meet aka ebay/Amazon then people that actually get to meet the person they are buying stuff from like Craigslist,offer up, let go etc. you get the point

13. hawkant89

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I love craigslist the best and smoothest way I have bought in a while eBay and Amazon I have always had some kind of issue with someone stealing my package or getting something completely different sent to me

1. zeeBomb

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Cool. Its like an unlocked bootloader for apple haha.

2. natypes

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Um, no not at all. It's a tool to use before you buy an iPhone to make sure you can get past the set-up. If an iPhone is iCloud locked it is a brick. Unless you can contact the original owner or provide Apple with a death certificate it will not be unlocked. There are countless 'methods' on YouTube to get around this, but NONE of them are viable.

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