How to boost performance and improve outdoor visibility of the LG G3 without root

The LG G3 screen might be the sharpest tool in the mobile display shed, but it does have an annoying feature or two in its turn, too. The high-res Quad HD panel is a battery hog, for instance, preventing the G3 from reaching the same level of endurance in our tests as the rest of the spring flagships. Moreover, it has the habit of dimming itself automatically under the slightest pressure, while the panel is not exceptionally bright to begin with, which soon becomes a torture when you have to use the phone outdoors on a sunny day...
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27. epdm2be

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"So, regardless of what medium the film industry chooses to deliver their content, I will continue purchase the movies I want." Which is besides my point. My point is that I'm convinced that many technological advancements aren't (solely) made for our welfare. But that companies and corporations have ulterior motives and hidden agenda's.

28. PDXMatt

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No lag and no overheating issues with my G3. Screen is always at 75% and I can see it whether sunny or cloudy or otherwise. Please, don't mess with the thermal settings on your phone. They are there for a reason.

30. cigainero

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I was as an avid Samsung user. Easy to root, install ROMs or kernels and lists of of customizations. However, eventually one out grows the same routine of installing ROMs and wants a phone that has has better battery life, a bigger screen, and more customization than Samsung has either stock or rooted. LG G3 has outperformed the S5 and IPhone. Which an old flip Nokia could out perform and IPhone.

34. monochrome83

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This article was a waste of time... Had my G3 since October, and the screen is TOO bright in most situations. Only have ever turned it up above 70% outside, in direct sunlight to take pics... This seems to have been written by some bitter, Samsung owner, that's upset that LG beat them to the QHD status... Don't worry, the S6 will have it, then you can see the G4 smoke that s**t too....
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