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How to Synch Your JAM or MicroSoft Bluetooth Stack via Bluetooth

Begin by tapping on Settings/System/Bluetooth Settings



Once you tap Bluetooth Settings you will see the following screen for Activesync setup. Tap Start.

The following prompt will appear after you tap "Start" above. Tap "ok" on the prompt.

You will now see the Bluetooth Settings Menu. Be sure both boxes are checked before moving from the "Mode" tab to the "Devices" tab.



In the "Devices" screen tap on "New" to search for your Bluetooth enabled computer.Be sure that the computer's Bluetooth radio is enabled and set to be discovered by other Bluetooth devices.


If you have your computer's Bluetooth configured properly, your JAM has discovered it and it will appear in the "Add a Device" screen. Here you see my FX-51 system and my laptop both are ready to be paired.


Tap on the device you want to pair and then tap "Next".

You will be prompted to enter a "Passkey" on your JAM. Pick any number you want, but I always use the same passkey on Bluetooth connection so I never forget as I move from device to device. Also, a shorter number is easier to enter and re-enter on your laptop - 3 digits is my choice.

After you enter your number, tap "Next".



Now, look at your computer's Monitor or screen. A Widcomm stack will display the following message, which you must click on to continue.



After you click on the balloon the following screen will appear. You must enter the same passkey that you input into your JAM above in order to pair the devices together. Remember that the JAM's Bluetooth application is churning away and if you take too long the passkey will not be accepted. If you wait too long, just start over at the point of "Add a New Device".



If you successfully enter the passkey before the JAM's Bluetooth application stops, you will be presented with the following screen.This is the "Pocket Bluetooth Tools" setting screen and does not appear on the JAM without that application being installed.



Now, tap the box by "ActiveSync".



You will be presented with the "Display Name" screen on your JAM. Name your computer whatever you want and tap "Finish".



When you are asked to designate your computer as a "HandsFree Device" be sure to select "NO".



You will now be taken back to the "Bluetooth" menu where your computer should now appear in the "Devices" menu as a paired device. Tap "OK".




If you have done everything correctly to pair and configure your JAM and computer, you will return back to the origninal "Bluetooth Settings" menu in "System".



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