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How do Verizon's new rates stack against the competition?


One smartphone and 2GB of data

CarrierPlanPlan CostPer Line CostTotal Plan Cost
AT&TMobile Share Value$55.00$25.00$80.00
SprintUnlimited My Way*$80.00n/a$80.00
T-MobileSimple Choice**$60.00n/a$60.00
VerizonMORE Everything$50.00$30.00$80.00
*$30 unlimited data option selected and included as part of the plan cost
**2.5GB data option selected

For the person that is shipping for themselves, it pays to shop around. Rate plans with just about any
carrier contain better value when there is more than one line of service involved. For some folks that is just not in the cards though.

In this particular case, T-Mobile is the sole carrier with anything different to offer. The rest of the gang may as well make up an $80-club. When considering this option, coverage and the differences there would be should you decide to add a tablet or other device to your account are probably worth looking into.

Two smartphones sharing 6GB of data

CarrierPlanPlan CostPer Line CostTotal Plan Cost
AT&TMobile Share Value$80.00$25.00$130.00
SprintUnlimited My Way*$90.00$30.00$150.00
T-MobileSimple Choice**$100.00$0.00$100.00
VerizonMORE Everything$80.00$30.00$140.00
*$30 unlimited data option selected and shown as a per-line item
**2.5GB data option selected

Another common scenario is for a couple of smartphones on a plan. Again, T-Mobile remains the price leader and Sprint takes the unenviable position of most expensive. Verizon and AT&T make up the middle of the pack.

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