How-To: Use a HTC Touch Diamond or Touch Pro as a mouse replacement

How-To: Use a HTC Touch Diamond or Touch Pro as a mouse replacement
GRemote is a freeware application which can convert the HTC Touch Diamond or the HTC Touch Pro into a pointing device similar to a Logitech MX Air mouse (i.e. it uses the accelerometer(s) in the devices as a gyroscopic pointer, such that tilting the device left, right, up or down produces a corresponding movement in a cursor on the computer).

GRemote requires a connection with the computer (WiFi, bluetooth or USB) and the computer must be running Windows or Linux. Installation is a somewhat involved process and the application is very much in beta, but it should generally work as advertised with the abovementioned devices and may soon also work with other, similar devices (such as the Samsung OMNIA).

iPhone users can turn to "Air Mouse" for similar functionality (available on the Apple App Store for $5.99).

source: xda-developers via jkOnTheRun



1. likeabite unregistered

Why am I not surprised that the Iphone version costs money

2. unregistered

because its Apple

3. unregistered

apple likes to stay in business to come out with more great products. schmoes.

4. Anomalies

Posts: 61; Member since: Jun 08, 2008

Weird, HTC makes a fair great amount of money and they don't mind letting apps be used on their devices for free. Whats this, a company that makes a ton of money but doesn't over * their customers!?!?!? Preposterous, shut HTC down!

5. unregistered

HTC doesn't exactly have the application resources infrastructure in place that Apple does. Can you believe that a system that allows iPhone users to access an online Application store full of apps certified not to work all janky (see: windows mobile) actually costs money to maintain? Preposterous, stifle my comment!

6. unregistered

OK. I will stifle it. Google's App store will allow any users to post all the free apps they want. Instead of a complicated approval process that costs Apple money, they will inplement a simple survival-of-the-fittest style rating system. Best of both worlds. I predict Apple will completely rethink their app store when Android lauches full swing.

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