Hot new phones coming to Verizon next month!

Rumors are rumors, but we have proof thanks to an internal Verizon Wireless document that the carrier will offer a few hot devices for the Holidays…
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163. unregistered

it has wifi

160. unregistered

I just ran over to Best buy to check out the Diamond and the touch pro. I know the Omnia isn't out yet but I wanted to see if I really wanted the touch pro. Of course the didn't have a working touch pro in stock at my store but had a demo one with no battery. I compared them for size to my razor. They were both slightly bigger then the razor. The diamond screen seemed to small and the touch pro actually wasn't that thick but I didn't like the way the keyboard fit. It seemed to loose and didn't really lock in. Maybe because it was the demo. So now I feel like Goldilocks.. too small... too big...LOL Hopefully the Omnia will be just right!!

164. NeedsNewPhone unregistered

What I want to know is if the GPS can be used on the Omnia without subscribing to VZNavigator. Anyone know?

165. unregistered

What i want to know is if this thing is still going to come out for VZW anytime soon?

167. unregistered

Well, the title of this thread is "Hot new phones coming to Verizon next month!", so what do you think?

170. lexluthor unregistered

anonymous, I think the article should have been "Hot new phones coming to Verizon eventually". For all we know this memo was months old and there have since been delays. I don't think anyone really knows when we'll see them. I think we'll see the Storm in Nov and I'd bet that we don't see any of the WM phones this year.

172. unregistered

the omnia is already listed on verizon rebates that end on the 15th of november so it will be out before then

175. unregistered

and if you have read this thread you will see on page three that the omnia has failed testing and apparently been delayed. Can anyone else confirm this?

169. Timfantry unregistered

Hey ya i want to get the pro or maybe the omnia or even the storm but the pro looks the best for me. I heard that the pro for Verizon is going to have an a lot slower processor i think 400 when it is originally 528 Mhz processor. I also heard that it will not have an accelerometer can any one hopefully not confirm this information.

190. unregistered

I can confirm the VZW Touch Pro is identical hardware-wise to the Sprint model. They had one at our store today.

191. LexLuthor unregistered

#198 - And "our" store is what? A Verizon Wireless store? Verizon Wireless authorized retailer? How exactly did you check the processor/chipset/memory? Was the keyboard the same? The pictures we've seen of the Verizon unit have an arrow key between the N and M, was that there?

192. unregistered

Official store. Processor and memory was checked via WM's About window.

171. unregistered

Does the omnia have a gps chip that connects to the satellites that vz navigator will use?

176. RGReasons unregistered

Am I the only one seriously looking at the saga? I mean, the others are nice, but with the saga it seems like VZW finally has a decent, standard WinMo phone.

186. unregistered

No, but apparently you and I are the only 2 people who like it! I don't really care for the color, would prefer business black, but I think the phone itself looks like everytihg you would want in a business phone wiith some extras for media play time.

187. unregistered

I think it looks pretty nice. I would consider getting despite the fact that I think WinMo is getting a little long in the tooth. 6.1 isn't really cutting it given the storm, android and iphone. I like that it has wifi and nothing types faster than a real keyboard. The camera is a little weak, but it is supposed to be a phone. Knowing verizon they will have a business black option. It passed the FCC today:

188. unregistered

they should make the pro look like the sprint one..

189. unregistered

I was looking forward to the Storm, but the interface is too iPhoney, but actually seeing and playing with it may change my opinion though... The Omnia looks cool and has great features, but coming of an i760 and the slide-out keyboard I like the Pro. But I'm going to hold off all opnions for 6 months when NE2 kicks in!!! The pulling of 2 Samsung phones off the lineup (i760 and Glyde) makes me esitant to look at the Omnia or the i770.

193. unregistered

I think the Omnia is the one for me. I have waited for months to get a new phone. Hopefully it will be here in the next couple of weeks. I wish someone new a tenative date so I could at lease know if it coming before Thanksgiving or after.

194. ccane07

Posts: 1; Member since: Oct 31, 2008

I with on this one! Just when?

196. unregistered

HTC rep came in yesterday and we got to play with the diamond and touch-pro... i got to say i was very impressed. the touchscreen is amazing! very reactive and smooth, as well as finger freindly. The only down side i could find was no flash for the camara. The pro is coming end nov. and the diamond in jan.

197. unregistered

Seriously?! for verizonn? the diamond? does it look the same

199. unregistered

i770 has passed through the FCC apparently. "A CDMA version of Samsung Epix aka American version of Samsung i780 that is available in Europe for a longer time already. Amazingly it features not only WiFi but offfers CDMA EvDO and GSM in one - for national roaming (only American GSM bands included) ability.. Interestingly the screen of this phone is square (320x320 pixels) but user manual shows 320x240 display what may be just a mistake on Samsung's part due to the need to deliver to FCC some early documentation. People who are interested in Samsung Epix but do not want to abandon their CDMA operator (Sprint or Verizon) can instead get themselves Samsung i770! The rumor has it that this phone has standard 3.5 mm stereo miniplug but we could not confirm it yet (this informaiton may be hidden deep in the FCC documentation so feel free to follow link below and search it yourself!) A quote from the FCC documentation: 850/1900 GSM and Cellular/PCS CDMA Phone with Bluetooth, EvDO and WLAN To learn more visit FCC pages of Samsung SCH i770." Does that mean that, if my house has a poor CDMA signal and a good GSM signal that this phone would latch on to the GSM network instead?

200. LexLuthor unregistered

Anyone here any more on possible release dates for the Omnia, Touch Pro or i770?

201. unregistered

hey but if you think about it all you people torn bettween the plans,,verizon will require you to pay 30 bucks for a data plan on all smartphones as of friday,,and concuding that the omnia is a smartphone,,verizon will still require you to pay for there data plans as if you were to get a blackberry

202. unregistered

i seriously need to know if verizon is gettin' the htc touch pro or not... thats all i want!!!! =[ this will decide if im gonna' switch to verizon or not :(

205. unregistered

ok um the storm is not better in terms of multimedia and touch screen responsiveness and the internet browsing on the iphone is far superior then any other phone. yes the storm has some more features but does it have a simple very well made gps system built into it and the iphone's app store? you serious the app store is crazy all the apps just make the phone brilliant.

206. dex74 unregistered

omnia will be available in stores Dec. 8th ,$319.00 before $70.00 mail in rebate

208. unregistered

i bought the storm last friday and I am returning it tonight. it is slow, i have had to take the battery out 6 times to reset it, It freezes up constantly. The only good feature is the clarity on the screen. The key pad is hard to use especially on the sides of the screen

210. DWFresh unregistered

Verizon is still behind the curve when it comes to hot new phones. If AT&T has taught us anything it is that people will buy the hottest phones even if it is on the crappiest network. Phones like the Iphone are fine for kids and teens because they are fun phones but I live in the real world and need a phone with real world applications and functionality. AT&T realizes the Iphone is just a fad that is coming to an end and they have really stepped up with hot new devices such as the TORCH and the new WINDOWS 7 series of phones. As with all big corporations Verizon has out grown itself and has that chip on their shoulder. I have been eligible for an upgrade since April 2010 and have been waiting for something to impress me and have not found it yet. Verizon, I will hold out for something impressiv till Dec 1st 2010. After that we will have to part company. The company to watch now is T-MOBILE. Mark my words. T-Mobile is where VERIZON was 10 years ago but coming on faster. I feel they will be the company to beat in the next few years.
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