Hot new phones coming to Verizon next month!

Rumors are rumors, but we have proof thanks to an internal Verizon Wireless document that the carrier will offer a few hot devices for the Holidays…
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118. unregistered

Just as a heads up guys...rumor is that VZW is going to require a data pkg on all smartphones/blackberrys and potentially on any standard handset that has a full html browser

119. unregistered

ok guys, here's the deal on the HTC Touch Pro: if you have a windows mobile phone now, you know that you can go to the "Today" settings and pick your theme/skin for the phone. touchflo3d is just one of the options. you don't HAVE to use it. also, look how the keyboard is pulled out, but the screen is still in portrait mode. its not a totally real photo representative of how the phone will work. this photo is just showing the hardware more than anything. the interface has been changed to a regular, basic windows mobile theme. touchflo3d will be in the options, as i said

121. harper unregistered

will verizon bring iphone to macworld for verizon????????????????????????????? anyone know

124. unregistered

vzw is not gettin the iphone... all you vzw fanboys were bashing it the day it came out... plus apple stands to make more profit in keeping it gsm only... take two seconds to consider why i said that... apple doesnt make products simply to push them out... they test their products thoroughly, and minimize any outside interference (i.e. vz trying to hack away at the os and specs)... they rather have one product out that works great (not perfect, just great).... honestly, the iphone isnt really that innovative... its an enhanced palm os with a touch screen that you cant use with gloves, or cold fingers... if you want innovative, tell vzw to jump onto the open handset alliance with google... androids location based services are innovative... but in the meantime, ill stick with my fully customizable windows mobile handset...

133. unregistered

Yeah they test there products thoroughly, thats why the iPhone 3G was released with so many problems... thorough stress testing hmmm. And you are right, Apple doesnt want VZW to hack away at their product, they rather consumers do it.

122. unregistered

wow~~verizon is getting really serious this time~~things are getting interesting

123. unregistered

its awesome how vzw is getting the raphael... too bad sprints has 2.5 times the ram... and a faster processor... but hey, verizon has "the network"... sprint works great where i am, and in most other cities where people who would actually use a touch pro would use them... verizons network is great in back roads and country sides, of, as gov. palin stated "real america".... ill take my "real" touch pro with sprint...

125. unregistered

what i fins funny is how people who have gsm phones slam cdma companies cause they cant get these phone well hmmmm look like they got the before att and tmobile which are both gsm 3 out of the 5 big companines in the us are cdma guess those phone compaines knew who to release them to first

128. unregistered

I must be crazy. I prefer the Samsung i770 over the other two, but apparently no one else does. The only question I have is, in the advanced specs, it references internet browsing, but does not include the system used like it does for the Omnia and the HTC. Is that because it isn't known yet, or what? One of the problems with the Omnia is no wi-fi, if I read the specs right.

130. unregistered

You all need to get a life there is more out there than just phones and features what ever happened to just making a call or better yet what happened to people getting phones they need as opposed to getting a phone just cuz its the latest or most inovative just cuz it makes them look cool i am tired or people buying blackberries and WM phones when all they want is a keyboard they spend all this extra money on email devices and internet devices when all they wanna do is text get a lower device dont spend $200 on a Iphone or and G1 save your money cuz if you didnt pay attention we are falling in to a depression and all you care about is buying the latest phone when your nokia brick will suffice just fine unless your in buisiness that requires it and with saying that your company should be paying for it and also this is coming from a phone salesman who is tired of 60 year old people thinking they need a Iphone or 12 year old thinking he needs a blackberry pearl

138. vzw fanboy unregistered

because like you said that was in the past. what about if your philosophy was toward cars? all you want is to drive it. no heat, no radio? thatd be boring and cold. its because a cell phone is fun to play with and you can do a lot in one little device, almost like a computer. also most ppl dont care about money because most ppl have cell phones for two years so paying the little extra money is definitly worth it. lol, who cares how i spell

131. tflex

Posts: 146; Member since: Oct 24, 2008

With all these phones added to their lineup, verizon still falls behind att when it comes to good phones.

140. vzw fanboy unregistered

name one goooood att dumb phone? sony ericson and the lg vu, thats all i can think of...verizon has tons of cool dumb phones.

142. unregistered

Look at what AT&T's got coming out. They've already released the Pantech Matrix and the Samsung Propel, now they've got the Samsung A867, the LG Xenon, the LG Secret, possibly the LG Renoir, and the AT&T Quickfire.

132. tflex

Posts: 146; Member since: Oct 24, 2008

I thought for a while LG was the only company producing phones for verizon.

139. vzw fanboy unregistered

there are a lot of samsung phones for verizon too.

141. unregistered

The Saga is one ugly phone. The keyboard looks cramped. Glad I just bought an Epix from AT&T yesterday. It rocks, and the 3G speeds are so much faster than I got on my Verizon Moto Q9m.

144. unregistered

Gee, great sales job there #137 anon. You tell everyone else to get a life, but you're the one spending so much time reading posts on a mobile phone website that you felt compelled to compose a short novel ranting against the people who buy the devices that give you a job.

145. VZWtech unregistered

The Omnia isn't coming out until next year, it's failed QoS tests 3 times, the chipset is weak and the tx/rx is horrible, it would be a poor decision if they released it without fixing the chipset. We at Verizon knew of the problems with the Glyde's touchscreen but management turned a cold shoulder to it and decided to release it anyway. And now with so many customers complaining they decide to stop selling it.

149. unregistered

I head the same too from a colleague, he said that January is the target launch date, but Verizon never tells us salespeople until a week before the launch, or whenever we get the promo material. (whichever is first)

154. LexLuthor unregistered

VZWtech, what do you know about a potential release date of the Touch Pro? Is anything in this memo even accurate? Personally, I wouldn't be at all surprised if only the Storm makes it out this year and we don't see the Touch Pro, Omnia or i770 until next year.

174. unregistered

yeah , i think before verizon comes out with the Omnia they are going to get the touch screen top notch because look at the story about the glyde, it has alot of trouble.

146. unregistered

wow, it will be hard to choose the Omnia or the Storm!

157. vzw fanboy unregistered

choose the storm the touchscreen is cool, watch a youtube video on it.

147. unregistered

seriously they have to change that blue color on the saga

158. vzw fanboy unregistered

yea that blue is ugly but maybe the picture looks worse than it really is.

148. unregistered

Is the Saga going to have an optical mouse like the At&t Epix or just a finger id?

162. unregistered

optical mouse.

150. unregistered


152. Hasgoth unregistered

The VZW Omnia is listed on several websites that say it will not have WiFi, what a pain in the a** that is. We already know the GSM version has the WiFi radio. Why would they take it off? Free web browsing by phone is a big turn on.
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