Hot new phones coming to Verizon next month!

Rumors are rumors, but we have proof thanks to an internal Verizon Wireless document that the carrier will offer a few hot devices for the Holidays…
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51. unregistered

no touch flo 3d for verizon touch pro it sucks

52. Armo unregistered

omnia looks nice. the screen looks smaller but that prolly just me. what i dont get is why the hell verizon is launching the omnia the same month as the storm! they're like head to head competitors. the omnias gunna take some of the storms thunder. lol i hope thats not the final look of the touch pro cuz its the ugliest variant of it that i've seen. sprint, at&t and verizon r all getting the touch pro but just wait until t-mobile gets the wing 2. the people who have seen the pictures said it looks a but like the touch HD with a keyboard. the epix looks nicer then the saga but it all comes down to functionality. then again, the t-mobile dash 2 is gunna be direct competitor of the 2 and its gunna be WAY nicer. :) and the gleam looks nicer then the reknown.

54. x3no unregistered

Two words for Verizon...... ABOUT TIME

55. I'm waiting for omnia!!! unregistered

We don't wanna know about that spec. Just Tell me Verizon. When? We need a exact time!!!!!!!! I can't wait it!!!

56. David the Gom unregistered

the picture of xv6850 is just a demo picture, right? cuz i liked looks of original touch pro, but this picture looks like a high-end phone in cheap ass look... :(

57. unregistered

what about the LG VX9600?

60. unregistered

Why does Verizon feel the need to make their phones in colors that just look bad? The Saga looks like a decent PDA, but that blue just looks totally unprofessional.

64. unregistered

go buy a brown phone from tmobile if it tickles your pickle since you hate blue so much ha

76. unregistered

.. and the worst comeback award goes to ..

113. unregistered

Verizon does have pretty bad taste when it comes to the colors of their phones. They should just stick to black or shades of it.

62. unregistered

just wanted to add something that is more or less over looked when people claim that they are moving to a different carrier from Verizon due to better phones etc. I live in Houston, and I was here throughout all of Hurricane Ike this year, and I know for a fact, due to countless witnesses that Verizon was by far the best carrier during and after the hurricane. We "had" T-mobile and switched to Verizon just because we were reminded of how useless our phones became in a time of emergency. The whole argument about moving to spring or w/e for a better phone and slightly less coverage is ok I guess in a perfect world, but before you make that move, make sure you understand how nice that phone will look when you dont have service during a natural disaster.

114. unregistered

Great point!! In your situation the move to Verizon is the right one. I think people who consider switching are aware of what short comings they are going to experience. That is really awesome though that your phone still worked during such a difficult time. I just assumed that all carriers would get there networks flooded and nothing would get through.

75. vzw fanboy unregistered

everyone go to, you can post your personal signal strength for your specific town...any way, yea there is an article on market watch during post-hurricane gustav wireless results and about how verizon showed almost 100% of working towers with the leading competitor, im guessing at&t not even close to that.

79. to hot unregistered

what difference does it make for 7pm phone calls if most the people are in network. you pay for that 7 pm. and for the 10 dollars more you can double you mins. its just a marketing tool just like obama is using! people just don't think anymore.

115. unregistered

It is just a marketing tool but it does work. Verizon should come out with something to match just so that you can't argue this and that when it comes to plans.

80. southbay11 unregistered

Here's my opinion. I used to be an AT&T fanboy because they have always had the best phones available. I currently have both AT&T(iPhone 3G) and Verizon(Env2 soon to be the storm). In my area which is southern california, Verizon has the best for coverage. Im just happy they are finally coming to their senses and coming out with phones that compete with At&t, because thats the only reason I left to begin with.

95. vzw fanboy unregistered

i havnt really heard of at&t having any really good dumb phones? why do you have at&t? just for the iphone? if you do get the ipod touch, it will save you money

83. unregistered

Who said the Omnia won't have Wi-Fi?

110. hyloka unregistered

@27. Also doesn't show in the specs although the baseline Omnia in the EU and Asia has Wi-Fi.

84. Midnight unregistered

@84 Yes you were lied to. Or the rep was just really misinformed. Treos do not require a data plan however it is HIGHLY reccomended if you plan to use data. if you dont have the plan it is $0.0015 per KB which is like $15.36 (or something i didnt use a calculater) per MB!. for example is like a mb. so do the math

101. anonymouus unregistered

these are really cool phones, im eather deciding the storm, htc touch pro, or wait until balckberry bold come out for verizon.

105. unregistered

Will the Touch Pro have the diamond back? or will it be like that sprint's?

107. unregistered

I am deffinetly getting the Omnia or the Storm, im going to trade in my env my plans over tommrow, i was going to get the dare im glad i waited! I love the Omnia, i hope they get the Iphone to.

109. unregistered

I dont like the blue color on the saga, i hope it comes in like different colors like silver or something.

129. unregistered

Black! It HAS to be black. PLEASE let it be black!

117. vzw fanboy unregistered

Two words. Go AT&T.

126. vzw fanboy unregistered

hey dude nice user name

143. vzw fanboy unregistered

Im tired of verizon crippling phones look at the omnia it doesnt have wifi so verizon can gouge your wallet for evdo data **** them im going to just buy an unlocked one and go to att i dont care about 3g i only use cellular data when im at home or by a wifi network thats it im changing my name to att fanboy

161. unregistered

it has wifi chief

179. vzw fanboy unregistered

i dont understand how people just switch carriers all the time, just get one and stick with it forever. thats 3g but dont forget verizon has more average coverage than at&t
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